2021 Lotus EvijaThe new Lotus Emira, the latest petrol-powered vehicle from the premium brand, makes its US debut at the Monterey Car Week. The flagship machine will also make a debut at the legendary Laguna Seca Raceway.

Also, the audience at the show will see the Evija, the brand's pure-electric hypercar that takes the central stage in California with an eye-catching new livery that resonates with the US motorsport fans. Indeed, the vehicle is covered with yellow and blue accents, all inspired by the Type 99T from 1987 – the vehicle in which F1 legend Ayrton Senna won that year's Detroit Grand Prix.

The 99T also featured advanced computer-controlled suspension, which allowed the vehicle to ride the bumpy and technically demanding street circuit. This particular vehicle and the win it achieved became legendary among F1 fans and showed that the Lotus team has this innovative and very effective approach towards technical matters.

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This is the second time the Evija has appeared at the Monterey Car Week. Just weeks after it was revealed in July 2019 in California, the vehicle is now ready for its display at the event, and then heads towards Japan, China and the Middle East.