2021 BMW M135i xDrive

By all means, the latest 1-series M135i xDrive may be seen and does not have to hide from its class competitors. Its athletic exterior with distinctive details knows how to convince by its extremely striking front with large air intakes, prominent double kidney in mesh design and slanted adaptive LED headlights, as well as the rear spoiler and the wide rear apron in diffuser optics.

With its sporty, progressive design it stands up to its strength. This leading role is further enhanced by the edition as M135i xDrive «DCL dÄHLer competition line»- it keeps its promises and makes a formative impression. And this not only optically...

Here are the technical highlights of the M135i xDrive (F40) «DCL dÄHLer competition line» with the «Wow» effect, which is now available in front of the workshop door for getting in and driving off – original engine: 225 kW (306 PS), 450 Nm (lb-ft 332):

  • Power increase «powered by dÄHLer»: 256 kW (348 PS), 500 Nm (lb-ft 369), incl. abolition of the standard V/max limitation, top speed 265 km/h. WLTP-E6d-temp tested and EU/CH homologated.
  • 2-pipe stainless steel exhaust system «built by dÄHLer» with the sporty, sonorous and unmistakable dÄHLer-typical sound is a highlight. The exhaust system is also a visual treat as it is not visible from the rear. But not only that: it is a completely new dÄHLer development, similar to the M2 models Competition and CS. The exhaust system is rounded off by dÄHLer's ceramic-coated tailpipes with an impressive 114 mm diameter. The excellent features of the ceramic coating, such as high hardness and wear resistance, electrical insulation, low thermal conductivity and constantly reproducible surface structure are convincing in practice and result in a great look accompanied by highest quality.

Would you like a little more? For racing enthusiasts among BMW drivers, dÄHLer offers an additional CAN-               bus controlled exhaust flap control system for club sport events and trackdays under its in-house «DRL dÄHLer   race line». Here, the M135i-xDrive pilot retains 100% control of the maximum sound at all times - in every           driving mode, rpm and speed range. (not EU/CH homologated)

  • Performance coilover suspension «built by dÄHLer» specifically and carefully tuned to the vehicle for a further increase in agility. Or, on request, if only an optical upgrade and lowering is required, a harmonious sports spring set «built by dÄHLer», which is explicitly tuned to the "Electronic Damper System EDC".
  • The delicacy and the true greatness for the M135i xDrive: Where others draw a final line at 19", dÄHLer provides your BMW M135i xDrive the finishing touch - with the stylish, high-quality, exclusive and ultra-light 20" forged wheel «dÄHLer CDC1 FORGED». Using state-of-the-art production technology, dÄHLer has designed a wheel which meets the highest demands with maximum strength and at the same time the lowest weight.

The wheel is aesthetically optimally integrated into the overall appearance of the M135i xDrive and thus         supports the powerful appearance in a harmonious way due to its optimal size.

The advantages at a glance:

  • 30% to 35% weight saving compared to conventional light alloy wheels
  • significantly improved longitudinal and lateral dynamics
  • significantly improved acceleration and deceleration values due to the lower accelerated mass
  • improved and more agile handling/steering behavior
  • high-quality paint (powder coating) for perfect protection of the forged wheel surface
  • large selection of individual surface colors, with integrated FORGED and dÄHLer lettering
  • For all models without the high-performance M-brake, a sporty-elegant 20-inch alloy wheel «dÄHLer CDC1» is alternatively available in many different versions - also developed and manufactured in-house.

Call, make an appointment, optimize, drive off and experience the 1-series driving pleasure for yourself. True to the motto: power, performance & pure fun! With the M135i xDrive «DCL dÄHLer competition line», which has been tuned and optimized as a desirable overall package, you can literally feel the technological harmony and precision and enjoy the sporty, active feeling.

And last but not least: Meanwhile, word has got around that dÄHLer does not only dedicate itself to the respective top model of a series, but also offers an optimization for (almost) every motorization (gasoline or diesel) as well as tested and homologated performance upgrades «powered by dÄHLer». This also applies to the dÄHLer interpretation of the new 1-series.

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