Subaru Forester proudly appears in a special "Making Memories" commercial, acclaimed by director and Director's Guild of America award winner, Noam Murro.

The commercial wants to say to everyone, that a Subaru vehicle can fit in numerous memories and that, there will be always room for more. Furthermore, the commercial tells a story about a father, who cleans his good ol' Subaru Forester, as he prepares to give the keys to his 16-years-old daughter. And with each item and artifact he retrieves, there is a memory flasback from his child's early years and the wonderful times they had together. From that moment the girl emerges from the house, eager to drive off and create memories of her own. Definitely a touching and well-made story and video. In fact, the music track is "Time Will Tell" performed by Gregory Alan Isakov. A wonderfully chosen theme song for the commercial.

And here is the video itself:

The vehicle itself, the 2016 Subaru Forester comes with spacious interior and wonderful All-Wheel-Drive system with 32 miles-per gallon. Furthermore, the folding back seats  can open up incredible amount of space. This feature, along with the 8.7 inches of ground clearance make any road challenge for the Forester look like a child's game.

Source: Subaru