2016 Lincoln Navigator Lincoln Motor Company continues its advertisement campaign with Matthew McConaughey with fresh TV spot, especially created for 2016 Lincloln Navigator. Named "Time to Eat", the ad has already launched and will be showcased during the Grammy awards.

As you will see for yourself, along with demonstration of the versatile 2016 Navigator, Matthew is shown as a negotiator and confidently debates with two fellow friends about what would they have for lunch.

2016 Lincoln Navigator

Directed by Academy Award-nominated Gus Van Santwho has also worked on the TV spot for the Lincoln MKX, the fresh ad showcases Sant's unique approach towards the luxury brand. Also, in departure from ads for Lincoln MKZ and MKZ Hybrid, MKC and MKX, McConaughey drives the 2016 Navigator during the day and has that interesting quite interesting dialogue with his quite interesting passengers. The ad plays that well-known scenario to road trip lovers: where and what to eat and who decides it. Sweet, charming and fun, this 30-second spot is worth watching.

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In terms of the vehicle, the video shows one major feature of the 2016 Navigator: its enormous interior space. Big enough for a family and luggage, the cabin has everything road tripper needs: space, functionality and comfort. The rest is that sweet dialogue, but we won't talk about it. We prefer you see it for yourself.

2016 Lincoln Navigator

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