Mazda Motor Corporation will debut two new models of the all-new Mazda3 product range at the 2009 Geneva International Motor Show1 from March 3 through 15, 2009. The world premiere of the Mazda3 with i-stop, Mazda's advanced fuel-saving start-stop system, will be shared with the all-new Mazda3 MPS, Mazda3's high performance flagship model at the Geneva show. The Mazda3 MPS now features improved fuel economy and emissions that satisfy Euro Stage 5.

Mazda3 i-stop The Mazda3 is one of Mazda's core products, with more than two million units of the first generation produced. The design of the new model has a bolder and more dynamic stance; it is agile and confidence-inspiring, enhancing the sense of oneness between the driver and car. It also has high environmental and safety performance levels, exemplifying Mazda's Sustainable Zoom-Zoom long-term vision to provide cars that are eco-friendly and safe while still being fun to drive.

The Mazda3 with i-stop embodies Sustainable Zoom-Zoom and adds a new eco-friendly option to the lineup. It features the i-stop system in combination with the MZR 2.0 DISI (Direct Injection Spark Ignition) engine. Together, these two Mazda proprietary technologies help the new model achieve approximately 12 percent lower fuel consumption (urban cycle) than the current European Mazda3. By providing great driving performance as well as top‑class fuel economy, the Mazda3 with i-stop is a different type of eco-car that will exceed customer expectations.

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Mazda3 MPS The Mazda3 MPS sport compact pushes Mazda design further and its exciting driving performance perfectly represents Mazda's Zoom-Zoom spirit. Carrying forward the MZR 2.3 DISI Turbo engine, Mazda3 MPS builds on the popularity and recognition of the previous model. It evolves the driving experience to an entirely new level of quality and pleasure with its emotional design and exhilarating performance.

The all-new Mazda3 Program Manager, Yoshiyuki Maeda, says, "These two models add extra value to an all-new Mazda3 lineup that has already shown strong appeal. The new Mazda3 series takes a significant step ahead in both the realms of driving performance and environmental technology to lead the way toward a new generation of motoring."

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1 Officially titled the 79e Salon International de l'Auto, the Geneva International Motor Show press days are March 3 and 4, and the public days are March 5 through 15.