Can Audi RS5 become more staggering than it is? Yes! MTM created tuning package for the brutal sports car.

The tuning company offers performance package, which consist of MTM V-Cantronic and sports exhaust system. The result is a top speed of 303 km/h and deeper aggressive sound.

The MTM V-Cantronic is a small additional control device, which removes the factory speed limiter of 250 or 280 km/h to 303 km/h.

The stainless steel exhaust system with throttle valves not only improves the rear look of the car, but it also creates nice and deep sound comming from the mighty V8. It is priced at 2 998 Euro.

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An individually adjustable spring-kit is in development.

Last, but not least MTM offers nine-spoked Bimoto rims available in 19", 20 and 21" for the RS5. Furthermore, the tuning company offers spacers-kit, which widens about 20mm. The MTM rims set and tyres start from 2 249 Euros for 19".