2020 Nissan Ariya Concept Nissan is elevating the performance capability of electric vehicles with its new twin-motor AWD control technology called e-4ORCE. The technology ensures instant torque to all four wheels and ensures balanced and predictable power and handling on par with numerous premium sports cars.

The "e" represents Nissan's technologies enabled by a 100 per cent electric motor drive system. "4ORCE", pronounced "force" evokes physical power and energy with the "4" standing for the AWD control driving capability.

The technology was born from the lessons learned in the development of the Nissan GT-R's ATTESA E-TS torque split system and the Nissan Patrol's intelligent 4x4 system. Furthermore, engineers have developed the e-4ORCE technology in order to manage electric vehicle power output and braking performance to be smooth and stable as much as possible.

The ride comfort is a result of the e-4ORCE's ability to minimize vehicle pitch and drive. This is achieved by employing regenerative braking from both front and rear motors, making city stop-and-go traffic less jostling. In a similar fashion, on rough and bumpy roads, and especially when accelerating, motor control is optimized to maintain ride comfort by minimizing irregular movement.

Furthermore, e-4ORVE increases driver confidence by tracing the driver's intended line thanks to ultra-high-precision motor and brake control. With the confidence to handle such variety of road surfaces, even for newbie rivers on slippery roads, driving becomes more enjoyable.

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Nissan will be displaying the zero-emission crossover Ariya Concept, which features e-4ORCE, at the CES booth but the brand is also showcasing the technology on a twin-motor, AWD technology test car in Las Vegas during CES.

2020 Nissan Ariya Concept

Source: Nissan