2021 Nissan AriyaNew Nissan Ariya has made its first public appearance and undertakes a slow drive around the iconic Circuit de Monaco in the French Riviera. The vehicle is beautifully redesigned and demonstrates a seamless design with neat proportions and a menacing stance.

Ariya's public driving in the streets of Monaco is a great way to witness the capabilities of our e-4ORCE technology. Ariya is the epitome of Nissan's innovation in electric mobility and this event marks a defining moment in the next chapter of Nissan's EV journey. said Arnaud Charpentier, Region Vice President, Product Strategy and Pricing, Nissan AMIEO.

2021 Nissan Ariya

The vehicle blends powerful performance and a new EV tech approach. Featuring a unique e-4ORCE drivetrain system and tons of connectivity gadgets, Ariya also impresses with a striking exterior design. It proudly showcases a clean and aggressive face, a straightforward side design, and a compact and muscular rear-end. Blending elegance with a futuristic vision, this new generation of Ariya vehicles will surely manage to impress both brand fans and skeptics.

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As it seems, Nissan's aim is to transfer all its experience and knowledge of EV technologies to the new generation of vehicles and ensure the best price:quality ratio for customers. And what we can say is that the team is doing pretty good in this manner.

2021 Nissan Ariya

Source: Nissan