Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. together with AUTECH Japan and Nissan Motorsports International Co. Ltd. will present 15 exciting models equipped with the latest custom and after-market parts in the upcoming "Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 with NAPAC" (Japan Car Parts and Aftermarket Promotion Association), to be held from January 9-11 at Makuhari Messe, and the "Osaka Auto Messe 2009" from February 13-15 at Intex, Osaka.

Nissan will showcase its range of standard road cars stylized with the latest aero body-kits while still retaining a pure simplistic form. AUTECH promises a series of exciting custom cars whilst NISMO will feature its high-performance range.

Through the three brands, Nissan offers a wide range of custom and after-market parts to thrill and exhilarate fans.

Highlights of the exhibition includes:

< NISSAN area > ●"Fairlady Z Stylish Package" (dealer option package) Featuring front and rear spoilers, clear LED rear combination lamp and illuminated kick-plate, this option package enhances aerodynamic efficiency and overall high-speed driving stability, a must for the sports-minded enthusiast.

●"Cube Drive Shot Concept" (concept car) Incorporating the dealer-option "Cube Aero Outer" package, featuring a unique round styling, this concept car is the result of "Kuso-Kuruma" (fantasy car) project. The concept car is equipped with the "Drive Shot" option, giving the driver the ability to capture images of passing scenery and upload it into the navigation system, with the simple "click" of a button.

* Through the website "Kuso Seikatsu", Kuso Kuruma Project collaborates with "Elephant Design LTD" to collect user-generated ideas that reflects their lifestyle wants and desires for the Cube.

●Other cars on display include: - "Fairlady Z" (road car) - "Murano Aero Package" (concept)

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< AUTECH area > ●Rider High Performance Spec Series This custom series captures high speed performance with improved suspension, engine tuning and a robust body design. Series Models: - "Elgrand Rider High Performance Spec." - "Serena Rider High Performance Spec." - "Cube Rider High Performance Spec." (Concept car)

●"Teana Axis" Luxury meets sports performance through this custom car featuring plush leather interior and design and sporty exterior. With its highly-functional "hospitality seat", this car redefines sophistication in a luxury sedan.

●Other cars on display include: - "Cube Rider" - "Dualis Crossrider" - "Tiida Axis Performance Spec."

< NISMO area > ●"NISSAN GT-R" NISMO Club Sports Package-equipped car This car is a collaborative result with the Nissan GT-R product development engineers and Nismo engineers, who worked on the "Chassis Package", "Carbon Bucket Seat" and "Titanium Exhaust System", to improve the car's performance on the race circuit.

Tested at the Sendai Hi-land Raceway, the birthplace of the NISSAN GT-R, the car with specially-develop tires, can outrun the standard GT-R models by a full second. With modifications done by certified Nismo Technical Masters, the vehicle warranty from Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. continues to be valid.

●"XANAVI NISMO GT-R" (SUPER GT 2008 GT500 class Driver's Championship title-winning car) The car that won two successive races at the start of the 2008 SUPER GT season giving drivers Satoshi Motoyama and Benoit a total of three victories and the Driver's crown in its debut season.

●"Fairlady Z" NISMO S-tune package-equipped car (dealer option package) This "High Performance Package" features a rigid body brace, sports suspension and "Aero Package" body kit, for improved straight-line stability and enhanced maneuverability.

●"XANAVI NISMO Z" (SUPER GT 2007 participant vehicle)