OK-Chiptuning MINI John Cooper Works R56 Side ViewOK-Chiptuning MINI John Cooper Works R56 is not a car we see everyday. First of all, it is because tuners rarely prefer to do modifications on ‘minis' like the JCW. And secondly because the custom work here is so good, that one might think that this car will go immediately on the race track. And of course win all competitions. And here it is why we find this vehicle that attractive, excluding one little detail.


Before indulging in more power and torque, this MINI JCW has been significantly changed in terms of exterior and interior styling. A lot of carbon fiber has been involved and what is even better, anyone can see it.

Precisely, the lightweight material has been used for the air scoop, outer rearview mirrors and hand grips. Even the MINI emblems received carbon treatment, just like the filler cap and antenna. Aero pack with brake ventilation has been also developed for the MINI. It complements the GP2 diffuser and underbody.

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Continuing with the general picture, OK-Chiptuning MINI John Cooper Works has been entirely wrapped in foil. In fact, the tuners have used contrast foils – one in gloss black and the other in matt black. The latter can be seen on the head and rear lamp bezels and the radiator grill frame.

Wheels & Tires

OK-Chiptuning MINI John Cooper Works R56 Side and Rear View

Literally no one in today's tuning world will leave a project without changing its wheels. It seems that this part of the customization is the easiest one and almost everyone is counting on it. However, sometimes the effects are not that good and we all have seen some crazy combinations.

Although the choice here isn't ‘crazy', this does count for the OK-Chiptuning MINI John Cooper Works. In fact, its wheels look a little bit boring with its gloss black multi-spoke design. They can't get noticed easily and look like the designer has made a fast decision.

We find the choice of the type DTC Superlight Black Edition ATS rims not that impressive for the power enhancements done at a later time. Maybe, if they were bigger than 17-inch, the effect should have been more striking.

Anyway, the new ATS wheels come coupled with Federal RS-R 595 tires in the dimensions of 215/40 R17. Spacers sized 5 millimeters have been mounted on the front axel, and there is also the addition of Bilstein B14 chassis and adjustable strut bearings.

Power Uprating

OK-Chiptuning MINI John Cooper Works R56 Engine Tests

Continuing with the changes under the hood, the MINI JCW by OK-Chiptuning features several important modifications. The first is the Wagner Competition charge air cooler connected with a Turbo Forge tube. Then come the Forge divert-air valve and the original MINI Deleter sound generator.

At the other side of the car the experts have installed Akrapovic 100 cells downpipe with Evolution exhaust system. In fact, the latter looks really cool, because it features carbon fiber end pipes.

After the hardware part was implemented, the specialists proceeded with the software optimization. Luckily, everything was measured via Dynojet system and you can see the graphic with the results above.

The effect is spectacular: according to the EEC, the car generates 254 hp (187 kW) and 398 Nm (293 lb-ft), while according to the DIN these numbers were positioned at 262 hp (193 kW) and 407 Nm (300 lb-ft). A logical consequence is the improved top speed, which is now measured at 255 km/h (158 mph).


OK-Chiptuning MINI John Cooper Works R56  Interior

More and more companies rely on the standard production interior after they apply engine modifications. Nonetheless, OK-Chiptuning is on the other side of the coin. This MINI's cabin has received some significant updates that need to be addressed.

Probably the most substantial modification is the change of the standard seats with Dynamica black Recaro Pole Position ones. Given this change as well as the engine uprating, I am almost sure that this car will be used in some sort of rally-competition. Even more, the rear seats were entirely removed and substituted with black Wiechers club sports bar.

Other important updates throughout the interior include gearshift lever and hand-brake dressed in carbon fiber, LEDs all over the cabin and black door grips in GT3 club sports design.

All in all, I like this project very much except for the wheels. After all such aggressive and substantial tuning must be implemented on the rims and rubbers as well. In fact, I'm envisioning black alloys with less spokes and red accents that mimic the contrast stitching found on the inside. How about you?

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Source: OK-Chiptuning via Miranda Media