2015 Quantum GP700 is finally unveiled after almost a decade of pursuit for the highest and greatest performance by Quantum Performance Vehicles team and the man behind the project Jeff David. This is the first release and will be the flagship of Quantum Performance Vehicles range. Furthermore, the GP700 heads to achieve the most exhilarating experience for drivers.

On the sports track (yes, this is only a track vehicle) the GP700 comes with power to weight ratio of 1:1 and 1G of downforce just to deliver some incredible adrenaline boost. You wonder how? Well, let's start with the acceleration: the vehicle goes from 0 to 100 km/h (mph) in 2.6 seconds.

Some of the especially made tweaks include low speed tuning and suspension balancing. Other features are the aluminum and carbon chassis, that delivers incredible stability on corners and supreme performance on the straight parts of the track.

But let us remind you, that buying such a car is only the first step of the experience. The incredible vehicle comes to demonstrate incredible design, as the engineering team created each GP700 component to serve to the chase of maximum pleasure and highest levels of performance. And of course, every owner can fine tune his own GP700, so that he really can experience the highest levels of pleasure.

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