Renault is expanding its offering of E-TECH powertrain options across a wider range of models giving customers more choice than ever before in choosing the perfect model for their needs. The models have been announced at Renault's first eWays event, a forum dedicated to exploring the future of electric mobility, running from 15th to 27th October 2020.

Following the introduction of E-TECH powertrains on All-New Clio, New Megane and All-New Captur, Renault is set to rapidly expand the number of vehicles available using the advanced Formula 1-inspired technology. With E-TECH Hybrid and Plug-in hybrid powertrain options, the electrification of Renault's expanding range continues to gain momentum alongside the all-electric New ZOE and PRO+ Z.E. commercial vehicle line-up.

The new models confirmed include the All-New Arkana SUV featuring E-TECH Hybrid and 12v mild-hybrid engine options, All-New Captur E-TECH Hybrid, New Megane Hatch E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid and a new trim level option for All-New Captur.

There are a number of benefits to Renault's advanced new E-TECH powertrains. Both E-TECH Hybrid and Plug-in hybrid powertrains are capable of starting in pure electric mode, delivering silent running and zero tailpipe emissions from the moment you switch the vehicle on. This allows for the majority of urban journeys to completed in electric mode, and when combined with the petrol engine, delivers strong performance for longer journeys.

All-New Arkana E-TECH Hybrid The All-New Arkana SUV arrives in Europe in 2021 with an E-TECH Hybrid powertrain and 12V mild-hybrid technology paired with its petrol engines. Using the same advanced E-TECH Hybrid powertrain debuted on All-New Clio, the All-New Arkana E-TECH Hybrid boasts 140hp and the ability to travel for up to 80 per cent of urban journeys on electric power alone.

The E-TECH Hybrid powertrain uses the 1.6-litre petrol engine combined with a lithium-ion battery and two electric motors, driven via an intelligent multi-mode clutchless gearbox. Subject of more than 150 patents, the F1-inspired E-TECH technology combines for optimum efficiency from the engine and motors and a smooth drive from the clutchless transmission.

The intelligent energy management system is optimised for the most efficient drive in all situations. The All-New Arkana E-TECH Hybrid always starts in electric mode, delivering a refined yet responsive experience from the off, delivering immediate acceleration and silent drive.

Owners can select a range of driving modes via Renault's Multi Sense system, with Eco offering the most efficient, My Sense for daily driving and Sport for a more engaging experience. All modes feature a powerful energy recovery system – another feature of the E-TECH powertrain – that recuperates energy under deceleration and braking to be fed back into the battery to assist with acceleration and efficiency later in the journey.

The All-New Arkana SUV will also be available with a 1.3-litre TCe 140 petrol engine utilising 12V mild-hybrid technology, which assists with faster and refined Stop & Start functions, energy recovery and reduced CO2 emissions. Paired with the responsive EDC dual-clutch automatic transmission, the TCe 140 engine produces 140hp and 260Nm of torque from 1,600rpm, offering an engaging driving experience combined with low running costs.

All-New Captur E-TECH Hybrid The comprehensive All-New Captur range also continues to expand. Already available with efficient petrol, diesel and E-TECH Plug-in hybrid options, the All-New Captur E-TECH Hybrid now joins the powertrain offering, creating the most comprehensive line-up of its type, and within the Renault range.

The Captur is Renault's most popular model in the UK, and as such now offers the widest selection of powertrain options of any model. The E-TECH Hybrid powertrain is shared with the All-New Clio and All-New Arkana models. It features the same 140hp output and intelligent energy management system to optimise fuel efficiency and driving comfort.

In addition to the expanded E-TECH powertrain line-up, All-New Captur models feature efficient TCe turbocharged petrol engines which now benefit from the same 12V mild-hybrid technology found in the All-New Arkana, boosting both engine responses and fuel economy.

At the same time as the introduction of the new electrified powertrains, a new R.S. Line trim level joins the line-up. Following R.S. Line versions of All-New Clio, New Megane and All-New Arkana, the Captur's style has been enhanced further with a suite of features inspired by Renault's sportier models.

There are unique exterior elements including redesigned front and rear bumpers featuring an F1-style front blade across the front bumper, along with exclusive alloy wheels. Inside, black headlining, unique upholstery with red stitching and carbon-style trim details distinguish the Captur R.S. Line from the rest of the range.

New Megane Hatch E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid Renault's E-TECH Plug-in hybrid powertrain will be introduced to the Megane Hatch line-up to complete the range following its introduction in the New Megane Sport Tourer.

Using a 1.6-litre petrol engine combined with larger 9.9kWh battery and two electric motors, the Megane E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid provides 160hp and the ability to travel up to 30 miles in pure electric mode. Renault models fitted with E-TECH Plug-in hybrid powertrains – like the E-TECH Hybrid engines – start in pure electric mode for silent running and optimum efficiency, with My Sense and Sport modes also available for the powertrain. These are selectable via the EasyLink touchscreen, while running in electric mode can also be selected via a dedicated button on the centre console.

The New Megane Hatch E-TECH Plug-in hybrid benefits from the comprehensive range of enhancements made across the range, with new styling additions to the exterior – including a new R.S. Line model – alongside upgraded interior upholstery and materials.

Technological upgrades include the availability of a new 10-inch TFT Driver Information Display and 9.3-inch portrait EasyLink infotainment screen with enhanced functionality and a host of advanced functions.

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