2016 Rezvani Beast XRezvani today demonstrated the third variation to the Beast family. The new proud member is the performance-oriented Beast X: the most powerful and aggressive Beast produced so far. This sweetie will definitely dominate every track with its 700hp (514kW) of power output and the incorporated Borg Warner high-performance turbochargers, especially developed pistons and valves and the strengthened engine body. The performance is further enhanced by the lightweight carbon-fiber body and steel chassis, along with the rear-wheel drive system that keeps the vehicle focused and flexible.

2016 Rezvani Beast X

In terms of design, the Beast X has a lot to demonstrate: the exterior design looks comprehensive and aggressive. But the engineer team knows how it's done: they not only created an extremely beautiful vehicle, but also incorporated functionality in the design. The vehicle offers improved downforce, revised front and the rear fascia gives off that badass and menacing profile. Furthermore, the dual carbon fiber rear wings reduce the drag coefficient and enhance the handling and stability in corners. To be honest, the team achieved something that looks like a dream for many automobile developers: they have combined both performance and style in a single vehicle that comes with unparalleled statistics and appearance.

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And with the introduction of the Beast X, Rezvani also announced the arrival of the fresh X division: brand's most powerful, exclusive and performance-oriented tuning for the lineup.

2016 Rezvani Beast X

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