ROUSH Ford Mustang Stage 3 Front ViewFord Mustang has been lucky to be one of the most famous and desired car in the world. This does not count only for ownership, but also for customization. Many companies have already released their tuning kits for the latest generation Mustang, thus making it more unique and with better characteristics. The good news is that one of the prominent modifiers of the pony car has already finished its phase 2 and 3 kits.

I am talking about the specialists at ROUSH Performance, who have also released a video showing a dyno run for a development vehicle. In it you will see and hear the rear wheel horsepower with a stock engine and the phase 1 Supercharger kit hardware plus. The upgrades added are as follows: a 75mm supercharger pulley, upgraded fuel injectors, fuel pump booster kit and calibration enhancements.

The testing they performed was done via 93 octane, stock manifolds, and stock catalytic converters. What impression we can get from the video? Due to the small modification to the phase 1 hardware, the 2.3L supercharger kit is capable of exceeding 800 horsepower (588 kW). Just imagine what phase 2 and 3 could do?!

To go into details, the stage 3 Mustang is expected to be the most powerful and well-balanced production version of the car to be launched, not only out of ROUSH Performance garage but also in general. Under the hood of the car is the ROUSHcharged Coyote 5.0, pushing out more than 800 hp. In the second video below you can see in details what it exactly features.

roush performance ford mustang stage 3

For instance, there is a Quad-Tip exhaust mated with an Active Exhaust System, exclusive "R7" aerobody complemented by graphics and badging, and single adjustable coilover suspension system as a standard. In addition, there is also an independent rear- and optional TrakPak coilover suspension. The latter allows for adjustment of height, compression, and rebound.

ROUSH Stage 3 for the Mustang has been priced at $21,995 USD. It's up to you to decide whether it is worth it. Nonetheless, the car looks and sounds astonishing!

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