roush performance releases stage 3 kit for the mustang [video]

ROUSH Performance Releases Stage 3 Kit for the Mustang [VIDEO]

Ford Mustang has been lucky to be one of the most famous and desired car in the world. This does not count only for ownership, but also for customization. Many companies have already released their tuning kits for the latest generation Mustang, thus making it more unique and with better characteristics. The good news is that one of the prominent modifiers of the pony car has already finished its phase 2 and 3 kits. I am talking about the speci

roush reveals custom 2015 ford mustang rs lineup

Roush Reveals Custom 2015 Ford Mustang RS Lineup

Roush Performance is famous for its customization projects involving muscle cars. Under the lights toady is Roush’s latest freshly redesigned Ford Mustang. The aggressive 2015 RS lineup will be built on the Mustang's V6 platform. The first Stage will feature the new turbo-charged Ford 2.3L Eco-Boost motor, while the second - the naturally aspirated 5.0L V8. All of the modified Mustangs will get the R7, or the seventh generation aero-body package. To go further into details, the R7 kit comprises of an entirely

2014 roush off-road ford f-150 svt raptor with custom graphics

2014 Roush Off-Road Ford F-150 SVT Raptor With Custom Graphics

Thunderous rumble, kids cry, car alarms go off. Is it the end of days? Nope, more like a Roush Off-Road Ford F-150 SVT Raptor with custom graphics. It's good, it's bad, it's ugly. Go ahead, make our day... Okay, so we got our Clint Eastwood movies mixed up but in our defence, those patterns on the paint job are very confusing. Where in the natural world do you find such red hues? Nowhere you say? Why go camo then? And why only one third of the

custom made 2014 roush ford mustang stage 3 still hot

Custom Made 2014 ROUSH Ford Mustang Stage 3 Still Hot

Despite all the hubbub around the brand-new Mustang 2015, we shouldn't be ruling out the “old” pony just yet. Here's an example of how mental it can be, especially in the hands of ROUSH. This is a one-off, custom Ford, made to fit the customer's fancy. Those red motifs and that red-star - not really vinyl liver

roush ford focus st gets upgraded [video]

ROUSH Ford Focus ST Gets Upgraded [VIDEO]

ROUSH Performance has just announced that it is going to offer the Ford Focus and Focus ST models an enhanced upgrade program via exclusive components. The transformation began with the powertrain and continued through the cold air intakes and exhausts. To be more precise the additional equipment offered by ROUSH for the 2013 Ford Focus ST is the following: ROUSH Focus ST Cold Air Inztake Kit, ROUSH Focus ST Cat-Back High, Performance Exhaust System and the undergoing development PCM calibration upgrades, suspen

roush performance ford raptor phase 2 gets more power

ROUSH Performance Ford Raptor Phase 2 Gets More Power

Ford Raptor is one of those vehicles which can not go unnoticed. The reason certainly is its huge size, but also another factor is that it has such powerful stance, that it brings about awe and admiration. Exactly on this model ROUSH Performance decided to do some calibrations. Although that the vehicle is initially

2013 roush ford mustang rs

2013 ROUSH Ford Mustang RS

“Engineered on the track, refined for everyday” is what ROUSH say about their latest Ford Mustang RS. It's a MY 2013 and the RS stands for “ROUSH Six”. The base platform used for it is the rather sensible 3.7-liter V6 Mustang. We say sensible because the power still stands at the stock 305 hp which are good for 31 mpg of economy on the highway. It's slightly unusual for ROUSH to not glue a giant, fuel guzzling supercharger. But where the Mustang lacks in boost, compensates in suspensi

2013 roush staged ford mustang

2013 ROUSH Staged Ford Mustang

Update on ROUSH's Staged Ford Mustangs. And by “Staged” I don't mean fake. No, it's 2012 so the time is right to roll out the 2013 MY product – more style, more aggression and, it goes without saying, more muscle. Three Stages are available with number three being sort of the full program. Stage 1 works on the visuals and Stage 2 deals with the handling bits. With a Stage 3, the Mustang's 5.0L-4v Coyote powertrain comes along with a supercharger. That means a power output of 565 horsepowe