It has been announced that the 2014 Jeep Cherokee will include a revolutionary body sealer. The latter will deliver a tranquil driving experience and at the same will contribute towards enhanced weight-reduction, cost-savings and sustainability.

To be more specific, special applicators inject unique acoustic foam into strategic locations of the Jeep's body structure. The injected foam blocks additional and unwanted noise which gets inside the cabin.

Additionally, because of the density of the foam it is much lighter than the traditionally utilized acoustic material. The result is weight savings of up to 1.5 lbs. per vehicle, which also effects in an enhanced fuel economy and better handling.

Another good benefit of the newly use material is that it also minimizes the impact on the environment. It was developed with and supplied by Dow Automotive Systems, BETAFOAMâ„¢ Renue. In fact, the foam comprises of a soy-based product instead of the usually used petroleum.

Again, because of the lower density of the material, the vehicle requires less of it, and this eventually results in achievement of the desired performance and to reduced cost. Furthermore, the new foam bolsters 10 locations of the Cherokee's body structure.

They feature the A- and B-pillars and rear wheelwells. Due to its lower viscosity, it also is easier for the engineers to operate with and affords greater logistical flexibility for the plant.

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