2021 Stellanis SystemStellanis team is testingout the new -access Edge Computing (MEC) and Safety Cloud technologies in North America, which are expected to tive to drivers advanced notifications and warning for potential hazards on the road.

Greater connectivity speeds, improved hardware, and expanded software expertise have opened new opportunities for Stellantis with safety systems being one of the many areas we focus on," said Mamatha Chamarthi, Head of Software Business and Product Management. "Through smart and strategic partnerships, we will capitalize on next-generation systems and prove out the technology.

Working with the 5G Automotive Association, one test demonstrates a cellular 5G connection with MEC platform, which would allow the localized systems to quickly make autonomous decisions at the point where enough data is collected.

This means that the system uses on-site cameras and sensors that collect any kind of information at an intersection that is beyond what a single vehicle can see with its systems. Furthermore, the MEC system can locally process and communicate safety risks to on-site pedestrians and other vehicles.

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The MEC platform demonstration evaluates a faster data exchange infrastructure for future technology applications with the ability to deliver a value chain for new connected services and increased levels of vehicle autonomy.