Subaru announced pricing for the 2016 Subaru Legacy and Outback models, that will both offer the special SUBARU STARLINK Safety and Security technology. Both models come with the award-winning safety system, wonderful design, All-Wheel-Drive and refreshments for the interior. And both models will be on sale this summer. Who is also impatient like me?

Subaru's one of most successful models, the midsize Legacy sedan will come with All-Wheel-Drive System as a standard feature. Furthermore, the AWD, blended with the Active Torque Vectoring system awards customers with confident and stable drive, despite of road and weather conditions. The 2016 Legacy will feature a 175-hp (128 kW), 2.5-Liter Boxer engine, that works in perfect harmony with the Lineartronic Continuously Varialble Transmission (CVT), which is, in fact, a standard feature. And the good news is that, the vehicle comes with incredible performance features, along with wonderful fuel economy. The EPA ratings are the best among with any other AWD midsize sedan. Impressive, isn't it?

On the other hand, 2016 Subaru Outback model continues to gain influence among the midsize sedans and now, geared with AWD system, raised ground clearance, Active Torque Vectoring, Hill Descent COntrol and Hill Start Assist the Spacious, the latest Outback will be the ruler among midsize sedans.

The 2016 Outback 2.5i will come with 2.5-Liter Boxer engine, Lineartronic CVT with manual mode, that together produce no more than 25 MPG/city drive. Impressive, isn't it? There is even a special Active Grille Shutter system, that further improves the fuel economy by a special wind resistance design. The vehicle comes with 256-horsepower (188 kW), 3.6-Liter 6-cylinder Boxer engine, that is especially designed for high-torque performance.

As you can see for yourself, both the Legacy and Outback models got some refinement for 2016. There is a special on/off mode, that will be included in all 2016 models,  plus all the systems and refreshments for the upcoming models will provide even smoother and more natural feel and incredible pleasure of driving.

We will follow with interest what happens in Subaru camp, so stay with us for further information!

Source: Subaru