Apparently, pushing the boundaries of fuel efficiency is a thing these days. Motoring journalist Donn Anderson recently took a Suzuki Swift DDiS (diesel) on a journey with Auckland (the Northern part of the North island of New Zealand) as a starting point and an end point at the bottom of it, in Wellington. No petrol stations were harmed during the trip. In fact he turned around and started for home afterwords. The fuel tank came 60 km short before finishing the whole epic journey.

The total distance covered turned out to be 1,240 km (764 miles). The fuel tank has a capacity of 42 liters so that would mean an average fuel consumption of 3.36 liters/100 km or 83.4 mpg. Wherever possible, Mr Anderson tried to keep the car cursing between 50 and 60 mph and would have managed even more miles if it wasn't for the torrential rains and high winds that he encountered during the marathon.

This isn't the first time a Suziki Swift DDiS proves stunning frugality. Last year, in the UK a Swift 1.3 achieved 86.4 mpg while a second one came close with 84.6. The records were taken from the local MPG Marathon.

The DDiS engine is actually a JTD Fiat engine in disguise. It's 1.3 liters of displacement give an output of 74 hp and 107 lb-ft of torque. As proven, the mpg figure is bigger than the power output. Eco-minded people can now celebrate with some organic waffles.

Suzuki Swift DDiS

Source: Suzuki