A range of tuning and styling options for the Cayenne Diesel has been introduced by TECHART, the German Porsche tuning company renowned for creating some of the world's finest bespoke vehicles. Upgrades covering everything from sports-orientated engine and chassis conversions to luxury interiors and aerodynamic styling are available in the UK from Porsche specialist Tech9 Motorsport.

"With the top three podium positions at Le Mans won by diesel powered racecars this year, it is proven beyond any doubt that this is a superb fuel for very high performance motoring," says Phil Hindley, managing director of Tech9 Motorsport. "Add in their low CO2 output, which translates to low benefit-in-kind taxation, their excellent fuel economy and high residual values, and we can see why there is so much excitement about this car."

TECHART's upgrade range has been developed to provide subtle enhancements to power, handling and styling, complemented by a range of interior trim options that can take the vehicle from comfortable to opulent. Every component is designed and manufactured to the same high standards as the original equipment parts and integration with the vehicle is rigorously engineered to ensure that safety and durability remain at the very high levels originally specified by Porsche.

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Specially developed for the Cayenne Diesel, Aerokit 1 includes a new front panel with a deeper front spoiler, elegantly integrated driving and fog lamps and additional cooling vents to help keep temperatures under control during consistently hard driving. Deeper sills help manage under body airflow and at the rear a new apron with integrated diffuser completes the underbody aerodynamics. Airflow behind the vehicle is managed by a low drag roof spoiler. All exterior styling components are manufactured from polyurethane to ensure long term durability and to provide a smooth, high quality appearance.

For cars fitted with air suspension, Aerokit 1 also includes a unique TECHART suspension control module that lowers the vehicle, reducing roll and further improving aerodynamics. When the vehicle is stationary, the control system lowers the vehicle a little more to improve access and to further improve the low, aerodynamic look.

Aerokit 1 also adds headlight and rearlight surround trims, 21" alloy wheels fitted with Michelin Diamaris 4X4 XL 295/35 R21 tyres, twin double oval exhaust pipes, a three-spoke TECHART sports steering wheel with the correct Porsche airbag, and interior trim upgrades that include light-weight aluminium pedals and footrest and leather edged luxury logo floormats. Further options include 22" body colour wheels with 295/30 R22 Continental tyres, an Aero or Turbo-look bonnet, plus a vast range of interior options from individual trim components to sumptuous full leather interiors created at TECHART's world-class coachworks in Stuttgart.

To complement the body and interior upgrades, owners can specify TECHART's TA 055/D1 power kit, which boosts the power of the Cayenne's 3.0 litre diesel engine from 176 kW (240 bhp) to 213 kW (290 bhp) and takes torque from 550 Nm to 630 Nm at 2,200 rpm. More than 500 Nm is available from around 1,100rpm to beyond 4,000rpm, providing tremendous flexibility and refinement. CO2 emissions are unchanged at 244 g/km and fuel consumption on the combined cycle is an excellent 30.4 mpg.

TechArt acceleration

Tech9's Phil Hindley says that the Powerkit makes the Cayenne Diesel effortlessly quick. "The 0-60 time drops from 8.3 seconds to 7.7 seconds, an impressive improvement, but the real benefit is that the huge torque and very flat delivery provides impressive acceleration from any speed. It feels more like a big V8 than a highly efficient diesel V6."

Owners who have chosen the Powerkit can enhance engine bay aesthetics by specifying the TECHART engine styling pack, which includes a carbon fibre engine cover with red embellishments and a metalised TECHART logo.

Tech9 can supply a new TECHART Diesel Cayenne with Aerokit 1 (including the exterior and interior upgrades) from £53,000 or from £55,500 with Aerokit 1 and Powerkit TA 055/D1. Existing vehicles can be fitted with Aerokit 1 from £15,000 and with Powerkit TA 055/D1 from £2,500. Both packs are available individually.

TECHART supplies powertrain, styling, interior and chassis enhancements for the full range of current and recent Porsches. The company was formed in 1987 to create vehicles that blend advanced technology with artistic excellence (hence TECHART) and is registered as an independent manufacturer. TECHART recently repeated its 2008 victory at the Tuner Grand Prix at Hockenheim, winning three classes in the June 2009 event, claiming overall victory and confirming the firm as the world's leading developer of ultra-high performance tuned Porsches.

Tech9 Motorsport has an outstanding track record in Porsche racing, winning the British GT Championship in 2003, 2004 and 2005 and the FIA GT3 Championship in 2006. The firm's technical expertise led to their appointment as exclusive UK agent for renowned German Porsche upgrade specialist TECHART, making a superb range of stylish body conversions, luxury interiors and high-performance mechanical conversions available to UK buyers.