2023 BMW M3 50 Jahre BMW M - Front view

On this day in 1972, the agreement that created BMW Motorsport GmbH was signed. Over the past 50 years, on streets and tracks around the world – corner by corner, lap by lap – BMW M has built a passionate community of extraordinary fans. And today, as we celebrate BMW M's 50th birthday, it's those enthusiasts who will get the present. The company now known as BMW M GmbH is presenting a limited edition model exclusive to North America, the M3 Edition 50 Jahre BMW M.

Based on the 2023 BMW M3 Competition xDrive, the M3 Edition 50 Jahre BMW M will be offered in modern formulations of five iconic paint colors – one from each of the previous five generations of M3. The legendary E30 M3 is represented in vibrant, non-metallic Cinnabar Red. The E36 M3 is evoked by dazzling Techno Violet. Deep Interlagos Blue is taken from the palette of the storied E46 M3. Fire Orange III will be remembered from the limited Lime Rock Park Edition of the ferocious E92 M3. And Limerock Grey graced the rare and thrilling F80 M3 CS. Two of the colors, Techno Violet, and Interlagos Blue, were revived just for this Edition, and starting with July production will be available only on the M3 Edition 50 Jahre BMW M for model year 2023.

Regardless of paint color, each M3 Edition 50 Jahre BMW M will come equipped with forged Style 826M wheels in a sleek matte Orbit Grey finish unavailable on the standard M3. Behind those wheels, customers may choose the standard M Compound brakes and specify red, blue, or black calipers, or they can opt for M Carbon Ceramic brakes with their characteristic gold calipers. Motorsport-inspired exterior enhancements from the M Performance catalog are also part of the package. Up front, the 50 Jahre BMW M edition receives a carbon fiber front splitter.  At the back, the signature M quad tailpipes are trimmed in carbon fiber and titanium, and the trunk lid sports a distinctive M Performance carbon fiber spoiler, all of which complement the standard carbon fiber roof.

Classic BMW Motorsport logos are fitted to the hood, trunk, and wheel center caps in place of the usual BMW roundels. With its staggered semicircles in blue, navy, and red, the anniversary emblem is reminiscent of the original BMW M GmbH trademark that was first used on racing cars in 1973.

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Upon opening the doors, the driver and passenger are greeted by "Edition 50 Jahre BMW M" lettering on the door sill trims. The inscription is repeated on an aluminum plaque on the cupholder cover below the dashboard, accompanied by a reminder that this very special M3 is "1/500". Customers have the choice of the standard M Sport seats or the optional, track-ready M Carbon bucket seats, upholstered exclusively in Black Extended Merino leather. Both seat designs feature a unique seam pattern utilizing stitching in the M colors. They are complimented by tri-color M stripes on the headrests. The M stripes are also found on the folding headrests of the outboard rear seats.

Included with the vehicle is the 50 Jahre BMW M Boardcase. This 42L roll-aboard suitcase is constructed of durable and lightweight Makrolon Polycarbonate adorned with the 50 Jahre BMW M logo on the front.

The M3 Edition 50 Jahre BMW M will be available in only one, well-equipped configuration.  This includes the Executive and Parking Assistance packages, Icon Adaptive LED headlights with Laserlight, carbon fiber interior trim, wireless device charging, and M Shadowline headlights.  All customers have to do is choose their exterior color, brake caliper color, and style of seat.  The M Carbon Ceramic Brakes and M Carbon bucket seats are the only extra-cost options.

Beginning with model year 2023, all BMW M3s will feature the BMW Curved Display and the 8th generation of BMW iDrive. A 12.3-inch information display behind the steering wheel and a 14.9-inch control display merge into a single, fully digital, high-resolution unit. The new BMW Operating System 8 offers many more options for drivers to enjoy easy, intuitive, multimodal control of vehicle, navigation, infotainment, and communication functions, as well as digital services.