2005-Mazda3-910According to the Malaysian Automotive Association, Mazda cars came in sixth place in the top ten when it came to last year's sales figures. However, in 2019, a new Mazda is sure to take the country by storm - the Mazda3. Complete with innovative technology and flawless features and design, this fourth generation Mazda is sure to be a game changer for those who get behind the wheel.

Flawless features and design

In terms of features, the Mazda3 doesn't disappoint. Inside every Mazda3 will be an 8.8-inch color display - controlled with a knob, the display will be able to carry out basic functions (like making calls) as well as cater to users of Apple and Android with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto - all while keeping the display fingerprint free. Equipped with all-wheel-drive, the Mazda3 will also feature a quieter driving experience, meaning sounds from the outside will be substantially dampened, all thanks to the body shell design on the car. Not to mention that the Mazda3's driver's seat was specifically designed to fit the mold of the driver - giving a truly unforgettable driving experience.

Set to make its entrance into the Malaysian market in July of 2019, the Mazda3 will be available in two different styles - hatchback and sedan. While both styles look stunning, you may have a hard time choosing which is your favorite - which can further add to the number of decisions to make when it comes to getting a new car. Once you've covered aesthetics, it's important to remember to take care of important admin tasks and choose good car insurance to give you peace of mind and protection in case any unforeseen events take place on the road.

Innovative technology

With technology evolving ever so rapidly when it comes to our cell phones, homes, and more, it makes sense that technology is evolving with our cars as well, which is why the Mazda3 will come equipped with Skyactiv technology - allowing you to have optimum fuel efficiency when it comes to the engine. In fact, compared to standard internal combustion engines that only use 30% of fuel, the Mazda3's Skyactiv technology allows the car to use more of that energy potential, making it a clear choice for those who are seeking a more green and efficient engine. And, when it comes to the transmissions, Skyactiv technology is also present, allowing for a smooth drive every time. Not only does this enhance the overall driving experience, but it ensures that everything runs smoothly as a whole.

With all that being said, it's no secret that the Mazda3 is a great contender for all Malaysians looking for a new car this year. And, with all of the technology, fuel efficiency, design, and other great features, anyone who purchases this car is sure to have the driving experience of a lifetime.