volkswagen golf frontVolkswagen sets on innovative technology and features in the new Golf by integrating the radio navigation system RNS 310, which is one of a kind in the entry-level segment. The RNS 310 is the perfect combination of a highly modern car radio and precise navigation housing an easily comprehensible map display. The RNS 310 is available to order immediately for the new Golf.

The RNS 310 is distributed with an up-to-date digital map on CD. The digital map allows for a precise, fast and safe navigation once it's saved on the SD card. In addition, the device is equipped with the "seamless routing" function that makes navigation in different countries possible after the data of multiple navigation CDs have been saved.

A high-resolution touch-screen display provides a brilliant 3D map view. The operation via the display and the large buttons and rotary knob, which are new in this class, enables easy and intuitive handling at all times. Thanks to balanced audio quality, current MP3 technology and diverse connection facilities, the RNS 310 also sets standards here. The integrated AUX-IN socket also allows for an MP3 player to be connected at the front of the device and an iPod and USB stick can be operated using MEDIA-IN. Alongside saved maps for navigation, the SD card also offers storage capacity for MP3 formatted music files.

RNS 310 - VW Golf Up-to-date traffic reports are processed with the help of TMC (Traffic Message Channel). The radio receives notices of traffic problems even when the route guidance function is not activated. This is especially helpful and pleasant for the daily commuter during rush hour traffic. With these described functions, the RNS 310 is not only an eye-catcher as an infotainment system. The device is used to also operate and display further equipment options such as the optical park-pilot. Based on the radio system RCD 310, the new RNS 310 costs 490 Euro for the Golf Comfortline.

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