The unveiling of the Zenvo Aurora is one of the events that all car enthusiasts have looked forward to, and it finally happened. The Zenvo Aurora has gone beyond all expectations. From its sleek design to its performance, the series offers unprecedented feats in the automobile world. The Zenvo new V12 presents a high-end hybrid hypercar, great for both the track and the road: this aspect is totally mind-bending.

Looking at the Aurora Agil, "Agil" for Agile, is best for the track. It is one of the two versions the Danish makers have brought to the market. The Aurora Agil simply boggles the mind. An improved version of its predecessor, the Zenvo TSR-S, the Agil is a game changer.

Peeking under the hood, the engine is a bespoke Mahle 6.6 liter quad-turbocharged V12 that is, combined with three electric motors. It is safe to say that this is one of the most powerful engines on the open road. The outcome is a homogenous mix of power and torque with 1850 horsepower.

In the build-up to the reveal of the Aurora, there had been some teasing on the new Mahle engine. Most people expected that the only new feature would be a V12 engine mounted onto a facelifted TS series Zenvo, but that was not the case. The Aurora is all new and it would be right to term it as state-of-the-art.

The designers had a few differences to offer between the two cars within the series, the Agil and the Tur, in terms of the bodywork, the powertrain, and the configuration.

Aurora Agil

Starting with the Agil, it has 880 kilos of downforce at 250 kilometers per hour. The bodywork has several areas that you can see through. If you look through the barge boards, you can see the suspension arms and other components.

By popping open the doors that open upwards, you get to meet the carbon fiber monocoque cockpit where some trick features have been put in place. An example of this is when you press the outer control panel on the steering wheel, the displays on the dashboard rotate and you get to interact with several different screens.

After a close examination of the seats, you will notice that they are fitted directly into the tub, saving weight, and enhancing performance and driver experience.

There are some distinct Zenvo design language features that make it different from the previous Zenvo designs. This is evident with the angry eyebrows over the headlights and the hexagonal-style grill right in the center. Not only is the color of the car stunning but also, the bodywork is shrink-wrapped around everything underneath it.

Anyone who has owned the previous Zenvo will likely notice the minute details. For instance, the new Zenvo graphics and branding. The logo of the car sits between the two halves at the front. The design language is what has been seen in previous Zenvos.

You can compare the headlight layout of the TSR-S and it is the same overall shape. But then when you shift your focus downwards, you get a glimpse of the channels running straight through the car, supporting the spitter down in the very center, enhancing cooling.

Like on the previous car, the Agil has exposed carbon fiber over the nose, the full body monocoque, and other exterior components made from carbon fiber. The front of the car is a thing of beauty, the way the windshield stretches out towards the front gives an incredible line.

And moving towards the top, it has the intercooler just inside here with this very large snorkel in the roof line between the doors for cooling towards the power plant that sits rear mid-engined as you would expect from a car of this nature.

There are multiple different powertrains though, you can choose to have your Agil, which is supplied by default with a rear-wheel drive or a four-wheel drive option or vice versa. The four-wheel drive Agil can be changed to a rear-wheel drive configuration should you wish.

Looking at the sides of the car, the body-colored section for the upper areas meets with the exposed black carbon fiber for all of the aerodynamic parts and aero elements of the car. Below it, there are large carbon panels, evident in the previous TS series.

There is a boomerang shape as well that wraps down to reveal again those openings that go straight through the body side of the car itself.

There is a notable design feature at the midway point of the side of the car, the free-forming power lines that run from the front, across through the door, and around towards the rear arches. Finally, at the rear end, the car has exposed carbon on the top, which is quite an interesting design element, wrapping around towards the exhaust tailpipes, and sitting back right above the number plate area. No supercar can be complete without a spoiler.

The Agil has a massive wing at the back, this active wing wraps around the rear of the bodywork of the car, producing some pretty immense downforce as it attains a top speed of 227 miles per hour.

The tail lights, the shapes, and the design are distinctly Zenvo in so many ways, but this is a complete next generation. This is not a small shift. It is a whole new car and it is utterly impressive.

Aurora Tur

Moving next to the Aurora Tur, this is almost a different car. A completely simple, elegant design in comparison. Sharing the carbon fiber monocoque and the powertrains options but so different because of the completely different purposes.

As the name suggests, the touring variant of the Aurora. The Tur as opposed to its counterpart comes without the extreme aerodynamics around the body work which is more focused on that top speed on the open road. Capable of reaching 280 miles per hour, while Agil is limited to 227 miles per hour.

When you take a look around the Tur version you will notice that the body has little to no openings, the extreme aerodynamic elements. This is quite evident at the front. There is a change of the bodywork where the light unit sits, it is very different for the two cars.

At the back, the massive wing is no longer there. It is a smoother slippery design, almost a completely different car. Peeking the interior, there is a beautiful interaction of the tan leather against the blue-green paintwork of the entire vehicle.

The powertrain in the Tur is one for the books. A V12 engine in a new hypercar that Revs to nearly 10,000 RPM. Zenvo partnered with Mahle to produce a bespoke engine, a 6.6-liter quad-turbocharged V12. An engine configuration that has not been around for three decades in a production car since the Bugatti EB-110.

The internal combustion engine alone produces 1250 horsepower, moreover, combine that with the new hybridized gearbox, an evolution of the seven-speed single clutch before. But now with electric reverse and electrical assistance and also an electric starter motor.

The driving experience of this car is unreal. In addition to that, there is an option of having an extra two electric motors in the all-wheel-drive configuration of the Zenvo Aurora and you have a total power output of 1850 horsepower, along with 1700 Newton meters of torque. With the extra motors, the Tur weighs a maximum weight of 1400 kilograms while Agil weighs 1300 kilograms without the motors. Considering the technology, those are some very light numbers. This is a result of the extensive use of lightweight materials, saving bits and weight everywhere possible.

If you're brave enough to opt for the rear-driven version alone, without the electric motors up front, through your rear wheels, you will have 1550 horsepower. This is going to be a phenomenal drive. With the four-wheel drive system, your 0 to 100 kilometers per hour is going to be dispatched in a little over 2 seconds, while your 0 to 400 kilometers per hour, will be 17 seconds. Experiencing the Aurora is something out of this world.

Agil vs Tur

The great difference comes in with the fact that one is designed for the track, the Agil, and the other for the road, the Tur. A further inspection of the interiors you will notice the Tur speedometer goes up to 450 mph while the Agil goes up to 350 mph.

The Tur, being a vehicle made for the open road, is more comfort-focused with nowhere near as claustrophobic design, finished with leather lining while the Agil is all about keeping everything light and simple focus on drive, speed, and experience on the road.

Tur by default is the all-wheel drive configuration while Agil by default will be the rear-wheel drive taking out some of the weight of the fore electric motors to be more focused for the track.

Final Take

Zenvo effectively introduced two different cars in one model, so that customers will have to choose which they prefer. In addition, the colors of the two cars have been chosen to link to the "Aurora", the Northern lights. Colors you would see during the fantastic display that you get out in Scandinavia. An ode to the Danish roots of the supercar.

The way these cars sit in any space, how low they are, and how aggressive they are, their design is very cohesive. It feels like one model that can suit any supercar lover out there. No one was ready for this type of power on four wheels.

This is not a small step for Zenvo, it is an absolute leap into a completely different stratosphere of hypercars. It's incredibly competitively priced compared to others in the market as well.

There will be a split between different people and which one they prefer between the Agil and the Tur, regardless both are great cars that you could ever imagine. The amount of attention to detail, and the focus on the different elements, and that is only scratching the surface. There is so much more to experience for anyone who chooses to drive a Zenvo Aurora.

Image Source: Google Images