Driving, action and having fun - the Torpedo Run is a horsepower-orgy Standing in the light of sports cars and luxury limousines, Torpedo Run – a horsepower-party - combines driving, action and having fun altogether! This is happening for the 7th time and this time the goal is to promote it on daily events, while in the evening, exquisite gourmet pleasures pleased the sense of taste.

To be more precise the automobile party included participants from all over Europe. It lasted three days and led from Bad Ragaz in Switzerland, through the towns of Kitzbühel and Velden in Austria, till the Mediterranean Coast in Slovenia. What is to be highlighted is that this year's program offered a new race-track with Formula 1 license, fast bobsled runs and an adventurous off-road excursion in steep mountains!


In these three days there could be seen enormous power and a pure sound party at the Torpedo Run 2011. For instance, you could see rare sports cars and exotics like Wiesmann MF 5 Roadster, Corvette ZR1, Ferrari 430 Scuderia, Lexus IS-F or an almost 600 hp/441 kW strong Mustang GT in muscle car design. Moreover, there were Porsches and compact sports cars such as BMW 1 Series M Coupé or Lotus Elise.

All these beauties were driven almost everywhere on this perfect occasion. In addition, the Torpedo Runners enjoyed a lot of nice corners and impressive landscapes with stunningly beautiful sights. The specific roads in the Alps made the Torpedo Run even more exciting and gave pure pleasure to the drivers!

Of course, there was a special arena – The new Red-Bull-Ring, where the Torpedo Runners were speeding on the new Red-Bull-Ring. This Ring is actually the Austria Ring or A1 Ring Red Bull, but more modernized and improved! Thank to it one could hear the sound of the engines and feel their power, while driving skillfully through the fast downhill corners.


A lot of adrenalin got produced these three days: the Torpedo Runners drove down a mountain in a 3535 meters long roller coaster with steep turns and "jumps" with descents of up to 6 meters! Even more, they experienced the legendary Olympic bobsleigh run of Innsbruck. With around 100 kph, the teams sped down the 14 corners on the 1270 meters long run!

On the other hand the Torpedo Runners switched cars to off-road cars! They enjoyed "off-roading" a mountain in the Alps. The route wasn't a light one and led over a bumpy and narrow gravel road with tight corners, which have been built into the sheer mountain inclination. This is one of the most difficult itineraries in the Alps; however the Torpedo Runners performed their best!

The Torpedo Run 2011 was definitely great fun for all of the participants. It was mentioned as one of the most exciting and exclusive events of the year. The result is that all of the participants are eagerly looking forward to the next Torpedo Run 2012! The great news is that everyone can join it, but hurry up because the reservations have already started at www.torpedorun.com! The next 2012 Torpedo Run will take place on an extended weekend in September.


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