2017 Toyota C-HRArchitecture in vehicles. Yes, this again. I know it has become something as a trend, but stick with me. Toyota is the next big player to incorporate signature body architecture in its vehicles and as it seems, the team tries to stand out from the crowd pretty hard. So, let's check out what's the idea of the masterminds behind Toyota.

2017 Toyota C-HR

Both latest generations of Prius and C-HR will be dealing with a thing called Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) and the idea is that these two vehicles open the gates to a world of Toyota vehicles based solely on this platform. The TNGA thing itself will try to redefine the approach towards vehicle manufacturing and driving utility.

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The TNGA C-Platform thing that debuted with the latest Prius allows for tailor-made changes to be executed, along with optimized drivetrain system and more precisely super-optimized and fine-tuned suspension system. It also adapts the wheelbase to better handling and responsiveness. Sweet.

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Of course, the whole idea is to deliver new breed of models that are not only super-adaptive and featuring cutting-edge technologies, but also offer better handling response, consistency of response and delivering way more confidence for the driver. Furthermore, one of the main benefits of the TNGA C-platform is the lower center of gravity. This directly contributes to better handling, more stable turning and less body roll.

So, is it worth it?

2017 Toyota C-HR

TNGA platform is claimed to be 65 per cent more rigid than the previous C-segment platform. It provides solid base for developing and tuning the suspension system, all along with numerous engine components. Also, as it seems, the new C-HR and its owners feel happy and confident on the road. So, we do presume that this is a step in the right direction for Toyota. But let's be clear about it: time will show whether this is a cheap trick or a revolutionary in the history of the brand.

Source: Toyota