To illustrate the versatility of the new 2009 Toyota Venza a specially modified show vehicle by Five Axis will make its public debut at the 2008 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas from November 4-7.

The Five Axis Venza Active Sports Versatility (AS V) was created to illustrate the versatile applications of the new 2009 Toyota Venza with an emphasis on active sports. It is outfitted with several features offering unique solutions for the transport and storage of all types of winter sports equipment.

The rear of the vehicle houses a very unique utility system. Created by Magna Car Top Systems, an Integrated Cargo Carrier (ICC) stow away rack system provides numerous opportunities for transporting a variety of wet and dry goods such as skis and bicycles.

To complement the ICC system, Five Axis designed and created a multi-purpose rear cargo unit that allows for storage of various items. This hideaway design offers both privacy and protection from other heavier items that can be easily stored on top of the unit. The system also allows for isolated storage of messy items, offering further protection to the interior.

ASV exterior body enhancements include new front and rear bumpers and over-fenders for a more rugged appearance. Wider 20 x 10.5-inch wheels and larger diameter tires also complement the new look of the Venza AS V.

To best illustrate the active sports theme, an emphasis on winter sports was chosen. The Magna Car Top Systems' ICC unit is fitted with a unique snowboard and ski carrier. At the SEMA Show the Venza ASV will be hitched to a trailer mounted with a snowmobile to display its towing capability.

Finally, a Five Axis custom-blended earth tone color palette of Lunar White and Bronze accents finish off the exterior for a fresh reference to some of latest trends in winter fashion.


Designed by Five Axis

Exterior Modifications:

•Five Axis custom body enhancement •Five Axis custom paint and accents •Five Axis AD R6:F_SPEC wheels -Front 20"x10.5" -Rear 20"x10.5" •Yokohama Advan ST tires -Front 305/45ZR20 -Rear 305/45ZR20 •Five Axis custom exhaust finishers •Custom multi-purpose rear cargo storage unit •Magna Car Top Systems Integrated Cargo Carrier

Brake Modifications:

•TRD Big Brakes -Front 15" diameter -Rear 13.6" diameter •TRD forged calipers -Front 6 piston -Rear 4 piston