Vehicles are highly customizable. When you go to a dealership to buy a new car, you often have many choices when it comes to extra features that can be included with your vehicle. Once you have driven the car off the lot, that is not the end of the customization possibilities. You can still pay for various upgrades on your vehicle so that it suits your needs more effectively.

Sometimes, the decision on whether or not to pay for a specific feature or upgrade is the cost. Maybe it is a luxury feature that you do not really need, so the price of adding it is not worth it.

When you are weighing your options with features to pay for, either on a new car or to be added to a vehicle you already own, then you must consider the value that they will provide. If you live in Mesquite, TX, and are considering upgrades to a vehicle, here are some features that can be well worth the extra costs.

Backup Camera

Most car models come standard with backup cameras in 2023, so this feature is more relevant for those with older vehicles. Some people experience a bit more anxiety when they have to put the car into reverse, either to parallel park or back out of a driveway. Backup cameras make this task a lot easier. This would be incredibly helpful if you are letting an older child learn to drive in your vehicle that does NOT have a backup camera. You can have professionals install a backup camera to your vehicle even if the original model did not include one. Perhaps turning your neck all the way around is not as easy as it used to be, in which case a new backup camera could also make life easier.

LED Headlights

If you ever drive when the light is low, then you need headlights that function properly. The most common form of headlight bulbs has been halogen for a long time. Halogen bulbs give off a warm, yellow-hued light that can cut through fog, making it easier to see and be seen. Even classic car enthusiasts must choose between halogen or LED for their headlights simply because LED models tend to provide greater visibility. They also have a more sleek look than their halogen counterparts. LED headlights are a wise upgrade that is brighter and can last a long time.

Tinted Windows

What if one of these upgrades could improve your health while making you a safer driver? Introducing tinted windows. If you invest in car window tinting, you can enjoy multiple benefits that make it worth the cost. First, the amount of sunlight getting into your car is reduced, so glare is limited and you will be able to see the road better. Second, those harmful UV rays that come from the sun can be bounced away, protecting both your skin and the car's interiors from potential damage. Third, people outside your car will have a harder time seeing inside, which means more privacy for you, other occupants, and your possessions in the vehicle. Tinted windows make dealing with that hot Texas sun in Mesquite much more manageable.


Many drivers love to blast their favorite tunes while on a long drive. This is especially fun if you are traveling across the state or the country on a road trip. While standard sound systems are improving in new cars, that doesn't mean they cannot be upgraded. New speakers or a better subwoofer can create an even more immersive audio experience for your vehicle and they are a common upgrade to invest in. You can really feel that bass with a good subwoofer as well.

Apple CarPlay

The smartphone market in the United States is dominated by iPhones. Most drivers in McKinney, TX likely have an iPhone, and getting it hooked up to their car can make life much easier. Whether you need navigation, music, or the ability to make calls, Apple CarPlay can improve your experience as a car owner with an iPhone. However, not all cars come with it standard. Fortunately, if the model was made later than 2015, it can easily be added. Even older cars have the ability to incorporate Apple CarPlay with some creative jury-rigging.

Protect Your Investment and/or Treat Yourself

Cars can include a lot of features that make life easier. Some of these upgrades are safety features that can help you be a safer driver. Others are purely to improve your car ownership experience. Whether you pay for these features when you buy the car in Mesquite, TX or make the upgrades later, you will have to decide if the value they provide is worth the cost.

Image Source: Google Images