Vauxhall is the first manufacturer to offer its customers free labour, when filling the AdBlue. In fact, "Fill4Free" is part of brands Service4Fleet standards, that offer money-saving programs, fixed-cost menus and over 400 Vauxhall retailers. James Taylor, Fleet Sales Director ensures us, that the Service4Gleet Program will make customer's life much easier. Definitely an interesting idea, but how efficient is it?

With the strict emission regulations, most Euro-6 diesel vehicles must be upgraded with a Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) system, that reduces the harmful Nox emissions. Current Vauxhall models, that include this technology are Insignia, Cascada, Zafira Tourer, Vivaro and Movano.

Free labour means, that customers shouldn't worry about taking time out to source, store and fill AdBlue or worry about any kind of leaks. Vauxhall ensures, that only highest-quality components will be used.

In general, some of the Service4Fleet options include: Free top up SCR tank, when purchasing Genuine GM AdBlue; Maximum of three days of working time, Delivery service in ten miles radius; Onward mobility, if work couldn't be completed in three days; Only genuine Vauxhall components are being used; Official pricing website and many, many more.

Well, it looks that Vauxhall knows how to care for its customers, right? Tell me what you think about the Vauxhall down in the commets.

Source: Vauxhall