2020-Vilner-Porsche-911-Carrera-Cabriolet-910Although being roughly 20 years old, the automobile has retained its potential for revisions and upgrade tweaks. And this is indeed what Atanas Vilner and his fellow team of engineers and designers have done to the lucky Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet.

The revised vehicle features an entirely new upholstery with fine brown leather and white and blue contrast stitching. What catches the eye is the upper part of the interior: there's an X-shaped piece with leather inserts, just as with a baseball glove. The face of the apron is covered in blue, while the bottom part features wooden inserts. The steering wheel has also received some special attention: it is covered with leather and wooden pieces.

As Mr. Vilner states, contrast doesn't mean only blending different types of colors. It also comprises a strategic placement of different types of surfaces, he continues. In fact, as it seems, the entire idea of the project is to create numerous layers of a design concept that are gradually unfolded and relished upon.

Atanas Vilner drives attention towards doors' cover – the new design is both appealing and functional. There are large wooden applications and leather covers that contribute to more comfortable elbow placement. There are large wooden inserts at the central console, in the knee area of both the driver and passengers.

Additionally, all stock grey-covered plastic pieces in the interior are now painted in new and exclusive "Vilner Copper Rose" – a special paint, especially created by Vilner team and based on the R-M The Code BASF program, first used for the Datsun 280Z project. The interior also features newly painted controls of the electric seats. "Vilner Copper Rose" also covers the new sporty seatbelts, speaker grilles, the button of the selector of the gearbox and the details at its base.

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There are fine details that add to the complete aesthetic figure to the project – there's a set of Vilner badges, new floor mats with leather inserts and of course, a metal plate with the name of the project and the name of the owner etched at it.

Source: Vilner Bulgaria