As stated in the recent The Detroit News report, Chrysler has extended the production lives of Jeep Wrangler, Dodge Avenger and Dodge Caravan, which goes slightly out of sync with what was announced earlier in Chrysler's product plan.

Quoting reliable sources, the newspapers says the Wrangler will continue through 2018 the way it is now, the Grand Caravan got a two-year extension up to 2017 and the current Avenger is likely to last through 2015, which means we'll have an opportunity to get this sedan a year longer then expected previously.

Gualberto Ranieri, Crysler spokesman, rejected to give any comments on this statement, though.

Assuming that everything afore-mentioned is an absolute truth, we might think that the automaker along with Fiat S.p.A., its corporate parent, are doing their best to preserve cash in the teeth of European financial pressure and the on-going purchase of the rest of Chrysler share by Fiat.

Avenger was said to end up later this year or at the beginning of 2014. The main cause of such a rush was Chrysler's intention to speed up the production of its successor, the next generation of sedan, Chrysler 200. The last one, as it was announced by chief executive officer Sergio Marchionne, will be shown in a 6-months term, allegedly in January of the upcoming year. Since then, the Sterling Heights plant will be forced to produce both Avenger and redesigned Chrysler 200.

Marchionne's tactics mainly consists in cutting down on the production of resembling vehicles which permanently compete with each other in showrooms. From now on one of the biggest American automobile manufacturers will only launch one minivan production, for example, instead of having a couple of them at a time. Chrysler Group LLC is currently getting prepared for its future minivan production program. The name of the one to survive remains unrevealed, despite being an actively discussed thing during the last year.

Popular Jeep Wrangler will experience scheduled well in advance makeover in 2016, providing the Toledo plant with a time to raise its productive capacity. The new Wrangler will get a new diesel engine, which would be an alternative option for those who prefer diesel over gas. The sad news is that we aren't going to meet a pickup version of wrangler unless the company finds some additional productive capacity. Apparently, we'll have to postpone browsing through autoclassifieds in search of new Wranglers till the things go better.