Everyone has a specific taste. This comes very clear when it comes to cars and preferences to their exterior looks. We have seen so many strangely tuned vehicles so far that it is sometimes hard to hide your laughter. However, the case with this Ferrari isn't such, and in fact I find it somewhat charming. The other difference is that this isn't a custom tuning project, but it has been rather ordered in such appearance directly from the factory.The person behind this order was the wealthy Chinese artist Yin Simon, which has encountered the need of having a black FXX K accentuated by pink highlights. The track only car has been developed for enthusiasts only, meaning that the car will never enter any official race.

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This is also the reason why Ferrari will develop only 40 units of it, each of which will cost 2.5 million euro. The true potential of this car however is not expressed by its visual appearance but by its unique performance characteristics.Precisely, the powerful drivetrain comprises of potent V12 engine and an electric motor. Their total combined power is of 1,050 hp (772 kW), 860 hp coming from the V12 and 190 hp - from the electric motor. If you wonder about the maximum torque – it is over 900 Nm (664 lb-ft). Mr. Simon will definitely enjoy some performance, right?