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audi defends its leading position in illuminating technology

Audi Defends its Leading Position in Illuminating Technology

Audi confidently expands its lightning technology and remains on the leading place. The latest project, called the "intelligent laser light for compact and high-resolution adaptive headlights" and has the ambition to create the headlights of the future. The used technology is called  Matrix Laser and will make the road illumination even more flexible and efficient. Matrix Laser technology is based on the LaserSpot project, that Audi first int

audi demonstrates incredible looks and fuel efficiency

Audi Demonstrates Incredible Looks and Fuel Efficiency

Audi achieved even greater heights of luxury and CO2 emissions with the latest A8 range, that comes with improved TDI engine, numerous tweaks, upgrades and sporty additions. The 2016 A8 is with already revealed price and will be on the market from June. But, for the biggest enthusiasts, there is a surprise: you can alr

audi on demand shows latest possibilities for ownership and usage

Audi on Demand Shows Latest Possibilities for Ownership and Usage

Audi introduces an innovative software program, that allows customers to keep in touch with Audi brand in a fresh, modern way. The software is called Audi on demand and with it fans and customers can reserve a vehicle or can just browse some information. In fact, anyone can try the application for up to 28 days. The premium service is already available in San Francisco and it is planned to be available in all the U.S. Audi on demand gives acce

audi releases the latest tt coupe model

Audi Releases the Latest TT Coupe Model

The latest TT model, that Audi released, the TT 1.8 TFSI is really a vehicle with compact design, but with incredible performance and features. The TFSI comes with various engine choices, different tweaks and addons. This is really an athletic vehicle, that offers sporty experience and high-tech gadgets. The standard pack includes a turbocharged 1.8 TFSI Engine, that delivers torque of 250 Nm across the rev range of 1,250 to 5,000 rpm. The engine is further improved to bring faster response a

can this abt audi s6 beat the rs6 with its 550 hp?

Can this ABT Audi S6 Beat the RS6 with its 550 HP?

The day begins very nice, not only because of the NSX information, but also because the specialists at ABT Sportsline just sent us a couple of photos and details on their latest project. This time they have worked on an Audi S6, thus giving it super-strengths and some minimal styling tweaks. The best thing about thi

audi e-diesel is the first fuel with no environmental impact

Audi e-diesel is the First Fuel with No Environmental Impact

Audi is making a step further in the development of CO2-neutral fuels. The company announced that a new plant, based in Dresden, Germany, has initiated the production of high-quality synthetic fuel. The diesel is made from water, CO2 and green power, so there is no need for mineral oil. This is actually great success for Audi, since it advances with its environmental program significantly. In this program, partner of the automaker is Dresden e

donkervoort releases nearly full-carbon d8 gto edition

Donkervoort Releases Nearly Full-Carbon D8 GTO Edition

You have probably never heard about the Dutch company Donkervoort. Well, you aren’t alone in this. The new automaker is obviously trying to take the position of Wiesmann, since the first car it has produced looks much like one of the liquidated company. Precisely, the model is called D8 GTO Bare Naked Carbon Edition

audi has already showed 2016 a6 and a7 models

Audi has Already Showed 2016 A6 and A7 Models

Audi has announced details about the 2016 Audi A6 and A7 models. The refreshed models are ready to conquer the roads with greater power, redesigned style, more efficiency and incredible pack of technology. Both the 2016 A6 and A7 sedans bring sporty style, incredible driver assist and information systems. Audi surely knows how to create vehicles, that deserve attention. Now, let us see what do the 2016 sedans offer. The first thing to notice in the 2016 models is definitely the design. Both the A6 and A7 have re

audi creates special a6l e-tron hybrid for the chinese market

Audi Creates Special A6L e-tron Hybrid for the Chinese Market

The next plug-in hybrid model from Audi, which is going to be exhibited in Shanghai, is the A6 L e-tron. This car isn’t a concept but the German company is actually trying to make the next step toward greater fuel efficiency in China. And for this reason, this sedan has been developed for the Chinese market only. The model is powered by a 2.0 TFSI four-cylinder, gasoline engine combined with an electric motor. The first power source delivers

audi reveals next prologue concept ahead of shanghai reveal

Audi Reveals Next Prologue Concept Ahead of Shanghai Reveal

It is very pleasing when the day ends with good news. The first one is regarding the Audi prologue allroad concept, which has been announced to debut at the Auto Shanghai. This is actually the third member of the prologue family, which is suitable for all types of roads. Again, it is a hybrid and therefore it is powerful and efficient. This car is a re-interpretation of the typical allroad cars and gives a hit of company’s future design. 5.1

jon olsson is ready for gumball 3000 with a fierce audi rs6

Jon Olsson is ready for Gumball 3000 with a fierce Audi RS6

Jon Olsson is obviously more than ready for the strongly awaited Gumball 3000, since he has officially unveiled a DTM inspired Audi RS6, that was specifically made for the rally. He will drive this car for Team Betsafe in the aforementioned event, which begins on 23rd of May in Stockholm and ends in Vegas. Olsson sa

mtm unleashes three reinterpreted audis at the geneva motor show

MTM Unleashes Three Reinterpreted Audis at the Geneva Motor Show

Audi S8 Talladega S, RS6 Clubsport and S3 Cabrio are the MTM remastered models which will gather the glances at the Geneva Motor Show next week. Starting with the first mentioned, the vehicle joins the Audi 200 in its aims to show exhilarating performance records at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama. Although the current Talladega S is larger, it is still capable of the same velocity due to its powerful unit. Precisely, the engine produce