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Bentley News

vorsteiner’s yellow continental gt is simply gorgeous

The tuners at the Texas based Progressive Autosports company helped the Californians from Vorsteiner achieve this exquisite project involving the high speed Bentley Continental. I basically love the second tuner because its projects are simple but at the same time express the maximum of car’s advantages. The same ha

mansory gt race is a brilliant 1000 hp bentley continental

Today’s project made by Mansory involves a Continental GT and a bunch of genius improvements. The so called Mansory GT Race car has nothing or a little to do with its predecessor, due to the extensive changes that has been done to its bodywork, power unit and interior. Well, this might sound a little bit forced but w

bentley shows intriguing concept in geneva: meet the exp 10 speed 6

We have seen a very interesting concept at the Geneva Motor Show displayed by Bentley - the EXP 10 Speed 6. This car envisions company’s future design and performance capabilities with the needed level of luxury typical for Bentley. The two seater sportscar has obviously inherited the credentials of company’s racing success through the years. In other words, this concept should be Bentley’s epitome of its vision for the future. The conte

bentley continental gt family gets styling and performance upgrades

Wide range of design upgrades and features is ready for the Continental GT family. In addition, the Continental GT W12 model now has an increased power output, improving its performance and efficiency. Besides this, it was also announced that the Flying Spur will offer even more bespoke luxury experience, focusing on powertrain development, on-board technology and interior comfort. Of course, the new models will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Sh

mansory creates 50 exclusive bentley continental gt/c editions

Mansory Edition 50 is a limited edition parts kit intended for only 50 units of Bentley GT or GTC. The kit itself adds subtle modification, but still it strengthens the luxury characteristics of the car. The stylish bodywork modification sets consists of several design tweaks that need some thorough attention. Looking at the front of this beautiful Bentley, we immediately see a newly designed apron with integrated LED lights. In addition, the new

bentley mulsanne majestic launched in the middle east

Without too much fuss, Bentley has launched the Mulsanne Majestic in Qatar. The real jewelry for luxury cars collectors is inspired by royalty and will be built in 15 units only, 5 of which will go to the Gulf state. Each of these limited edition Bentley Mulsanne Majestic cars has a one-of-a-kind character and a

bentley names its upcoming suv

The first news for today has nothing to do with the North American Auto Show, but rather with an upcoming debut of highly anticipated SUV. Bentley has finally revealed the name of their upcoming crossover next to a picture which shows its wing vent. Dubbed as Bentayga, this new SUV is going to take luxury to new places and combine it with pinnacle performance. Its design is inspired by the natural world and this is highly visible in the last video teaser we have seen. In it we have also seen Bentley’s familia

2015 bentley grand convertible offers redefined luxury and style

Can you imagine an ultimate luxury expression in a car? I can. And this is when I think of 2015 Bentley Grand Convertible. The car is truly elegant, sophisticated and distinguishable. It not only stands for class, it exhibits it so visibly that no one can argue against it. The Grand Convertible can really become The Grandest! Under the bonnet, the 2015 Bentley Grand Convertible hides the well-known Bentley’s 6¾-litre twin-turbo V8 engi

upcoming bentley suv is changing standards! [video]

Bentley SUV will definitely change how we all think about all-terrain vehicles. The key word here is “luxury”. According to company’s philosophy, the SUV will be both supremely capable in any environment, as well as supremely comfortable. And this is what we can make as a conclusion from the last teaser video, wh

astounding frozen experience: bentley continental gt3-r to perform on ice

Power on Ice driving event organized by The Bentley Motors brings the driving performance of Bentley to a totally new level. Lasting for four days, this is one of a kind opportunity to owners, enthusiasts, fans and aspiring Bentley drivers which gives them a chance to experience and test the qualities of the brand in one of the most severe natural driving conditions – on an icy surface. Returning to the cold north of Finland for the Power on

rare 1954 bentley r type continental fastback to be auctioned at silverstone

1954 Bentley R Type Continental Fastback is an extremely rare car. In fact, it is one of the three right-hand drive automatic examples ever produced. The model is going to be part of Silverstone Auctions’ final sale of the year that will take place at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show on the 15th and 16th of November. The car is estimated to cost the future owner between £800,000 and £900,000. It carries the chassis number ‘BC

bentley mulsanne speed – a new definition of fastest and most luxurious

The fastest, most luxurious car in its sector is here. The all-new Bentley Mulsanne Speed. Bentley’s iconic 6¾-litre twin-turbo V8 engine, reinvented for the Mulsanne Speed as well as the signature Mulsanne. A brand new combustion system (including combustion chamber, inlet ports, fuel injectors, spark plugs, and compression ratio) enhances  a much faster and more controlled combustion process.Torque output of the engine has reached ne