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citroen reveals a dramatic concept way before official debut

Citroen reveals a dramatic concept way before official debut

Revealed entire month before official debut ahead of the Paris Motor Show, Citroën CXPERIENCE CONCEPT will try to be just as brand wants it to be: by completely embodying brand's "Be Different, FeelGood" slogan idea. And we all wonder whether it will succeed. This concept will bring some new stuff to the whole segment: of course, we all wait for some new ultra-modern and neat gadgets, but what we know so far is that this sweetie looks incredi

did we just find the best citroen car out there?!

Did we just find the best Citroen car out there?!

We have told you about many classy and super-classy Citroen vehicles. Remember the new Citroen Megane Sport III? And the Tour Hyphen Concept? And what about all these Cactus Special Editions? We bet you remember. In fact, recently Citroen team has brought us many cool vehicles that deserved our attention. And then, most suddenly there is this 1973 Citroen DS Super 5, considered to be the finest Citroen DS vehicle in the world. Tight, badass looking and futuristic (in terms of 1970s) this little guy still has tha

citroen and rip curl showcase the unique c4 cactus special edition!

Citroen and Rip Curl showcase the unique C4 Cactus Special Edition!

Citroën's C4 Cactus Rip Curl Special Edition vehicle is scheduled to go on sale on June, First, 2016. Featuring new Grip Control technology, this beauty has a lot to offer. In fact, as you might know, Citroën joins forces with the famous surf brand, Rip Curl, in order to deliver us the C4 Cactus Rip Curl Special Edition and we do believe that the alliance made a point. Here's why. With fresh interior features and exterior changes, the Rip

ds 4s gathers glances in china with refined and expressive styling

DS 4S Gathers Glances in China with Refined and Expressive Styling

Citroen’s sub-brand DS Automobiles marks a strong presence at the Beijing Auto Show at the moment. It has debuted there a brand new model, created exclusively for the Chinese market. Called DS 4S is a premium hatchback, which features high-end technology and splendid refinement. Being great compact car, DS 4S is definitely strengthening the positions of DS Automobiles. It is dynamic and comfortable, and refined “to the bones”. The compa

citroën is to unveil c4 cactus special edition at geneva show. what should we expect?

Citroën Is To Unveil C4 Cactus Special Edition At Geneva Show. What Should We Expect?

The new Citroën C4 Cactus Rip Curl Special Edition will make its global debut at the Geneva Motor Show and as expected, the brand will showcase tons of gadgets and improvements, one of which will also make its debut: the Grip Control system, especially created to improve traction and enhance the performance rates of the new C4 Cactus. So, let's see what is going on here. Grip Control – more traction and more flexibility This is maybe the mos

citroen will officially unveil tourer hyphen concept at the geneva motor show

Citroen Will Officially Unveil Tourer Hyphen Concept at the Geneva Motor Show

Citroën Space Tourer HYPHEN concept shows fresh and colorful looks that undoubtedly show what this vehicle is made for: family trips and fun rides with friends.  From what we can see, the Concept offers refined design, inspiring and functional interior and enhanced overall capabilities and functionality. So, let's take a closer look at the sweetie. Exterior Design Embracing the idea of creating a design that represents freedom and positive en

citroën unveils the dynamic and flexible 2016 e-mehari vehicle

Citroën Unveils the Dynamic and Flexible 2016 E-MEHARI Vehicle

E-MEHARI is special vehicle and it is closely connected to the history of Citroën. And with the introduction back in 1968, this sweetie has gone through a long road. The latest model is neatly-beautiful, all-electric 4-seat cabriolet and Citroën team is ambitious enough to bring to the market cheesy-looking and flexible sweetie. This is a charming and vibrant vehicle that expresses this unmistakable Citroën spirit and passion. Something mor

ds 3 dark light limited edition mixes day and night

DS 3 Dark Light Limited Edition Mixes Day and Night

DS 3 Dark Light Limited Edition is not a HIM-dedicated vehicle. If you are fan of the band, then you should know what I am talking about. For those who aren’t familiar, HIM are a very cool band from Finland, dedicatedly playing the so called “love metal” for more than 24 years. They became extremely popular in th

2015 citroen cactus m concept offers adventures and positive emotions

2015 Citroen Cactus M Concept Offers Adventures and Positive Emotions

A special Citroën concept vehicle, inspired by Méhari, will be demonstrated at 2015 Frankfurt International Motor Show. The car is named Cactus M Concept and tells a story of well-being, freedom and wild. So, are these stories just stories or the latest Citroën Concept can really relate to? Exterior So, let's check what is going on here. First of all, the Cactus M has that interesting appearance and clearly expresses its family ties with the

2015 citroen c4 saloon will conquer the chinese roads

2015 Citroen C4 Saloon Will Conquer the Chinese Roads

Citroën is ready to present the latest C4 saloon model to the Chinese public and will make it at the    2015 Chengdu Motor Show, held from 4 to 13 September. The model is set for launch at the end of this year and it is planned to replace the C-Quatre in the "three-box" C-segment. Furthermore, the new C4 saloon is

ds unveiled season two livery

DS Unveiled Season Two Livery

DS Virgin team has showed the latest livery design that Sam Bird and Jean-Eric Vergne will showcase at the final pre-season testing dates on 24 and 25 August 2015 at Donington Park. Ahead of the first race of the second FIA Formula E season, DS are showing some style, determination and will for victory. So, let's check out what is going here. Blending DS and Virgin brand elements, the idea demonstrates nice pattern of both DS and Virgin color schemes. Furthermore, the well-known and distincti

citroen and arsenal football club show a fun video, dedicated to all football fans

Citroen and Arsenal Football Club Show A Fun Video, Dedicated to all Football Fans

Citroen cooperated with Arsenal Football Club to create a special video-parody, named "Return of the Fan". The stars this time are Ramsey, Mertesacher and Koscielny. For all the football fans the end of the season is one of the most unpleasurable events ever. And how it is not: after 380 games of Premier League, the 2014-2015 season came to its end. But Citroen team doesn't think this is that sad fact. The team created a list with top ten thin