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hyundai jp edition veloster concept at the 2012 sema

Hyundai JP Edition Veloster Concept at the 2012 SEMA

Hyundai has revealed a JP Edition Veloster Concept at the 2012 SEMA Motor Show. The JP Edition concept debuts at the 2012 SEMA show under the Hyundai banner. Paint supplier BASF was consulted as the unique supplier of the Mint Green exterior finish for the concept. “In creating the JP Edition Veloster, we were

bisimoto hyundai elantra gt generates 600 hp

Bisimoto Hyundai Elantra GT Generates 600 HP

Bisimoto Hyundai Elantra GT Concept is one of the SEMA bound vehicle that the brand will display at the event. In it Bisimoto engineering has decided to give this Hyundai 600 horsepower. They have achieved this through refined tuning, and in particular for this have contributed the following tuned features: Bisimoto-built 1.8L "NU" family Hyundai engine, Bisimoto steel rods, turbo kit, intake gasket, injectors, and web level 2.4 camshafts, Arias forged pistons, AEM Series 2 EMS, and smart IGBT coils, MSD coil wi

hyundai hb20x revealed in brazil

Hyundai HB20X Revealed in Brazil

Hyundai HB20X Crossover was just revealed at the Sao Paulo International Motor Show. The vehicle is going to be officially launched early next year. It is part of Hyundai’s family of cars exclusively made for Brazil only. The crossover is based on the HB20 hatchback – again a car made exclusively for the customers in Brazil. It includes unique details in its design and performance and brings about great experience when being outdoors. The front of the car has a totally redesigned bumpe

ark performance hyundai veloster alpine concept at the 2012 sema

ARK Performance Hyundai Veloster Alpine Concept at the 2012 SEMA

ARK Performance will present a special tuned version of Hyundai Veloster. The name of the project is Alpine Concept which includes upgrades to the exterior and the 1.6 liter engine. Some of the goodies are an ARK oil cooler, a Nitrous Oxide system, &N intake system and BTRcc custom engine bay parts and tuning. All these upgrades lead to a power of 232HP (173 kW) at 5500RPM and 325Nm (240 lb-ft) of torque at 1700RPM. The exterior fea

hyundai accent sr concept at the australian international motor show

Hyundai Accent SR Concept at the Australian International Motor Show

Hyundai has revealed the Accent SR Concept at the 2012 Australian International Motor Show (AIMS). The manufacturer will actually put the vehicle in production and the car will look just about the same. It is expected sometimes next year. The Concept is powered by a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder unit with 140HP (103 kW) and 167Nm (123 lb-ft). The engine is mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox giving more sporty feeling and better fuel consumption.

hyundai velocity concept debuts at sema [video]

Hyundai Velocity Concept Debuts at SEMA [VIDEO]

Hyundai Velocity Concept is a vehicle which is to proudly debut at 2012 SEMA show. Originally the car is a Veloster sport coupe, but being a tuning it adds more aggressiveness and exceptional design language. This Hyundai runs on 19 x 9.0 inch, HRE lightweight satin-charcoal racing wheels. In addition, the special car is fitted with tarmac-scraping lower body kit with generous front and rear brake cooling ducts, lift-reducing rear diffuser, oversized rear wing, and number one racecar design graphic. The conce

debut for hyundai i30 premium trim level

Debut For Hyundai i30 Premium Trim Level

Hyundai i30 Premium is the new trim level in the i30 line-up which has just made its debut. The model will be available as both Hatchback and Tourer and will deliver new standard features and more comfort. Premium trim features all the equipment from the Convenience and Individual packs, however they go here as a standard. More importantly these go along with several additional features. In details, the Premium models benefit from a new 17-inch alloy wheel design, chrome door handles with illumination and automa

cosworth hyndai genesis coupe to debut at 2012 sema show

Cosworth Hyndai Genesis Coupe to Debut at 2012 SEMA Show

Cosworth Hyndai Genesis Coupe is painted in the eye-grabbing deep blue color. And if you wonder where you can see this beautiful car, it will be showcased with the Hyundai brand at the upcoming 2012 SEMA show. This special edition Cosworth-tuned model takes the new Genesis Coupe 3.8-liter direct-injected engine even

ark hyundai genesis coupe r-spec track edition to be revealed at 2012 sema show

ARK Hyundai Genesis Coupe R-Spec Track Edition to be revealed at 2012 SEMA Show

ARK Hyundai Genesis Coupe R-Spec Track Edition is in fact a mix of Hyundai’s high performance R-Spec platform Provides and the work of a Super Tuner such as ARK Performance. The ARK super-tuner track edition will debut at the 2012 SEMA show. The tuning includes impressive enhancements in terms of power. The original 3.8-liter direct-injected engine was boosted to the impressive 395 horsepower (290 kW) at 6800 rpm, with axle-flexing torque of

hyundai genesis coupe project panther by autohaus am funkturm

Hyundai Genesis Coupe Project Panther by Autohaus am Funkturm

Hyundai Genesis Coupe Project Panther is very specific and unique undertaking. The car dealer at the radio tower in Stockelsdorf near the Hanseatic City of Lubeck, has optimized this Genesis Coupe. The car is originally equipped with 3.8 liters of cylinder capacity and generates 310 hp (228 kW). Its two-flow sport exhaust system in stainless steel and titanium with 200-cell metal catalysts by INJEN help the engine in the truest sense of the w

2013 hyundai i30 three-door to debut in paris

2013 Hyundai i30 Three-Door to Debut in Paris

2013 Hyundai i30 Three-Door is set to debut at this year’s Paris Motor Show in the end of the month. The new generation i30 is the third member of the i30 family, which up until now consisted only of its siblings – the five-door hatchback and the Tourer. What’s different here is that the three doors give this Hyundai more sporty styling. The exterior of course incorporating Hyundai’s “fluidic sculpture” and shows sharply-raked beltline, more angular glasshouse silhouette and longer front doors. All t

new range topping 2012 hyundai veloster turbo se

New Range Topping 2012 Hyundai Veloster Turbo SE

The range topping 2012 Hyundai Veloster Turbo SE is the first vehicle which includes brand’s 1.6-litre T-GDI engine with a high-compression, twin-scroll turbocharger. In addition to that the power output has been boosted and the low end torque increased. This new trim level model generates 184 hp (135 kW) and 195lb ft (265Nm) of torque and is mated to a standard six-speed manual transmission featuring wider gear ratios. The top speed here is 133 mph. Other interesting numbers are revealed through the accele