morgan arp 4 limited edition and the fairytale of luxury and style

Morgan ARP 4 Limited Edition And the Fairytale of Luxury and Style

Morgan ARP4 has been brand's one of the main vehicles, that made it so popular and beloved. And now, to celebrate its 65th birthday, Morgan releases special limited series of only 50 vehicles. Each one is hand-crafted and fine-tuned by Morgan's most experienced engineers. The Limited Edition will be offered with 225 hp (165 kW) Cosworth 2.0-liter engine and numerous standard features, that are otherwise not included in other Morgan models. Furthe

morgan ev3 concept is an electric 3 wheeler debuting at goodwood

Morgan EV3 Concept is an Electric 3 Wheeler Debuting at Goodwood

Morgan EV3 Concept is an electric 3 wheeler, which is going to be introduced at Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend. The company has confirmed that it is going to show the prototype of the EV3 at the event. But before that it also released three pictures, to spread the word. In fact this concept is the second all-electric vehicle in company’s line-up. Back in 2011, Morgan decided to reintroduce the standard Morgan 3 Wheeler. After that c

vilner finally releases new project based on morgan plus 8 anniversary edition

Vilner Finally Releases New Project Based on Morgan Plus 8 Anniversary Edition

The last time we have heard about Vilner was almost five months ago. Right ahead of Christmas the tuning studio has released Porsche 911 cabrio-based project that has also drawn a lot of attention. Luckily the talented specialists have been working on many projects and have been very busy. One proof for that is their newest project, involving a Morgan Plus 8 roadster. How cool is that! But let me continue. History Behind this Car There is noth

watch how morgan builds the balvenie [video]

Watch How Morgan Builds the Balvenie [VIDEO]

The Scottish Balvenie distillery, producing first class single malt Scotch whisky, has collaborated with Morgan. And this joint venture does not involve any alcohol-making. Both companies say that their partnership is based on the same values they share, specifically when it comes to craftsmanship and doing things the way they should. Take for example Morgan’s latest car, the Aero 8, and then have a sip from the Balvenie Scotch. To go straight to the point, Balvenie commissioned a Morgan four-seat roadster tha

look at morgan aero 8! it’s unique! [video]

Look at Morgan Aero 8! It’s Unique! [VIDEO]

Morgan Aero 8 - I’ve been waiting for you for a long! This manifestation of beauty, luxury and immortal design has just been revealed at the Geneva Auto Show. The car is that impressive because it is lightweight and at the same time powerful enough to take down some of the most exclusive cars in the industry. The British company says that this is the most refined Aero product it has made up to date. For this are responsible some significant visual and mechanical changes. The 5th generation Aero cabriolet is po

morgan's turbocharged sports car has sleek looks

Morgan's Turbocharged Sports Car Has Sleek Looks

Morgan is probably releasing the final teaser image of its new sports model that will be revealed in just a week at the Geneva Motor Show. As we can see from the picture the profile of the car is sleek, expresses dynamism and has this typical for Morgan design which we all love. It will be rather a coupe than a roadster. And unfortunately all of this shows nothing new so far. What is more, judging by the last teaser, it will also carry the same old face with the big grille and round headlights. This isn’t as a

hear the roar of a mysterious morgan sports car [video]

Hear the Roar of a Mysterious Morgan Sports Car [VIDEO]

The legendary Morgan Motor Company does not surprise us with new vehicles very often but when the team of professionals decide to do it, well, they rarely leave people without an opinion. Not too long ago we showed you a teaser image of a new mysterious beauty that is coming to life very soon and now the automaker

morgan prepares a new model for geneva

Morgan Prepares a New Model for Geneva

The British carmaker, Morgan, does not announce very often new launches but when it does so, well, everyone seems to be pretty interested because the rarest things are the most intriguing! This time around, the company will release a new model during 2015 Geneva Motor Show which is going to take place in March. We haven’t been given any solid information yet. What we have, though, is a single shadowy image which leaves us drooling and leads us into assuming that the new model might be