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toyota to unveil its new ft-86 sports car concept at tokyo motor show

Toyota to unveil its new FT-86 sports car concept at Tokyo Motor Show

At the 41st Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota is about to showcase for the first time its latest sports car concept, which is built on the principles: great to own and fun to drive. The new FT-86 sports car concept excels with its rear-wheel drive configuration, compact dimensions, low centre of gravity and lightweight construction. Under the hood of the striking concept is placed a 2.0-litre environmental friendly boxer engine with performance propert

toyota ft-ev ii concept – a smaller than the iq ev

Toyota FT-EV II concept – a smaller than the iQ EV

For the 41st Tokyo motor show, Toyota will debut two striking concepts, one of them is the FT-EV II compact electric vehicle. Designed to meet the requirements of a true urban vehicle, the new FT-EV II’s body is even more compact than that of the Toyota iQ, but still with room for four seats on board. An innovativ

ASI Prius - coming soon

Surprisingly, the high-end car tuner - ASI Corp. is tweaking a body kit design for the eco-friendly Toyota Prius. More aggressive, aerodynamic and sporty, the ASI visual kit will try to satisfy the consumers demand for eco tuning and styling. No doubt that the new ASI visual kit will improve the aerodynamics and provide better performance and economy for the already eco-booming Prius. Reminder! - parallel with the development of the Prius body kit, ASI is certainly working on a aero kit f

2010 Toyota 4Runner fifth generation

The first Toyota 4Runner is launched before 25 years in 1984. It was based on four-wheel-drive Toyota pickup truck. This SUV is the combination of ability to go anywhere and in the same time driving passengers safely and comfortably. The four generations of 4Runner were sold in more than 1.5 million SUVs. The fifth generation of Toyota 4Runner will be released in 2010 and it is expected to be one of the best sellers on the market. More agressive than the Highlander and more quick than the

New generation Toyota Land Cruiser to debut at Frankfurt

Toyota is ready to unveil new generation of the iconic Land Cruiser 4WD vehicle at the Frankfurt Motor show. With it’s six decades of worldwide success based on the vehicle’s reliability in even the harshest off-road conditions yet offering performance and refinement appropriate for day-to-day driving, the Land Cru

toyota auris hsd full hybrid concept

Toyota Auris HSD Full Hybrid Concept

The best selling type of car in Europe is a five door hatchback, so developing a full hybrid Auris is a logical step by Toyota. The new concept will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week. The main goal is achieving extraordinary low fuel consumption and emissions. The expected acceleration is around 10 seconds from 0 to 62 mph, which is good enough. The new Auris HSD is capable of doing up to 2km at speeds up to 31mph with zero fuel consumption and zero CO2 emissions. This is e

2010 toyota prius plug-in hybrid concept

2010 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Concept

Many people believe that if they drive cars with less CO2 emissions, they will save the world from a global warming and may be they are right. That’s why Toyota put on production Toyota Prius, which is a hit on the market. But with advancing the technologies the cars got more fuel efficient with less harmful emissions, so Toyota will have to move forward and their new vehicle is called  Prius Plug-in Hybrid Concept. Prius Plug-in Hybrid Concept will be unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show in middle of Septemb

2009 Toyota at Frankfurt Motor Show

Looks like Toyota is planing strong presence for the upcoming Frankfurt Motor show. The Japanese brand will introduce to the world the all-new Toyota Auris HSD Full Hybrid Concept. This concept car represents a milestone in Toyota’s strategy: introducing Toyota’s full hybrid technology to a mainstream model, and the first step in the deployment of Hybrid Synergy Drive across the company’s model range. Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Concept will also make its world premiere in Frankfurt. Th

2010 Toyota 4Runner will debut at State Fair of Texas

The 2010 Toyota 4Runner is about to make its world debut at the State Fair of Texas which will begin with a news conference on September 24th. This is the fifth-generation of Toyota 4 Runner, which will be better off-roader and more comfortable on the road. The engineers also added more space for passengers. The engin

h&r toyota prius iii - more dynamic road performance

H&R Toyota Prius III - more dynamic road performance

The automobile world is on the verge of the most radical change in its history. Normal combustion engines are for the first time being faced with serious competition from the electric camp. A first step on the way to a pure E-car is the hybrid vehicle, which combines a combustion and an electric engine in one vehicle.

Toyota Boxes Clever With New Verso D-Cat 150 Automatic

Toyota’s seven-seat Verso gains added dynamic appeal with the introduction of a 2.2 D-CAT 150 clean diesel engine with a slick, smooth and intelligent six-speed automatic transmission. The powertrain, shared with Avensis, bears all the hallmarks of Toyota Optimal Drive technologies, delivering appealing performanc

2009 Toyota Yaris Edge Special Edition

Toyota Australia is offering more than $500 of added value with special-edition models of Australia's most popular compact car, Yaris. Available for a limited time, Yaris "Edge" models are based on the fuel-efficient YR 3-door and 5-door hatch versions of the top-selling range. The special-edition cars add value to the Yaris by providing more than $1,000 of added specification for just $500. Prices start from $16,190* for the 3-door Yaris Edge with manual transmission. Toyota has replaced the