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2018 golf is in kelley blue book's 10 coolest vehicles!

2018 Golf is in Kelley Blue Book's 10 Coolest Vehicles!

Volkswagen of America, Inc. announces that the 2018 Golf has earned a prestigious award – it is in the list of Kelley Blue Book’s 10 Coolest Cars Under $20,000 of 2018. Chosen by prestigious jury, the vehicle has managed to catch the eye with both all the features that have made Golf a prominent vehicle and all the

volkswagen team launches marketing campaign in support of new jetta

Volkswagen team launches marketing campaign in support of new Jetta

Volkswagen of America, in collaboration with the creative agency Deutsch has landed the new marketing campaign “Betta Getta Jetta” in order to support the launch of the latest 2019 Jetta. The project includes numerous spots that would showcase an outstanding computer-generated design and would accent on the 10-color ambient lightning system. The 2019 Jetta itself is offered with neat exterior design and tons of interior features, along wit

volkswagen golf gti tcr concept: it's here at last!

Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR Concept: it's here at last!

As you might remember, we have told you about the GTI concept that is about to be unveiled at the special GTI Meeting at Wörthersee. And now it has finally happened: Volkswagen team proudly presents the Golf GTI TCR Concept: a sporty and agile machine, capable of tackling down numerous road challenges. Let’s find ou

volkswagen is about to reveal the next golf legend

Volkswagen is about to reveal the next Golf legend

On May 9th there would be around 7,300 vеhicles and 125,000 people that would take part in a special event in Reifnitz am Wörthersee in order to honor the Golf GTI concept. And this year’s highlight will be the debut of the revised Golf GTI TCR machine that would come with massive power output and numerous technolo

volkswagen presents new contestant for the pikes peaks challenge

Volkswagen presents new contestant for the Pikes Peaks challenge

Volkswagen remains at high positions in the world of motorsport due to the unveiling of the I.D. R Pikes Peak machine. This is a supercar that would compete in the Pikes Peak International Hill climb in Colorado Springs on June, 24. Something more, this bad boy would try to beat the best time of 8:57:118 minutes. And we tend to give chance to the team. After all the I.D. features overall output of 680hp and 479Nm of torque and weights less than 2

volkswagen team reveals new r-line models!

Volkswagen team reveals new R-Line models!

There are two new VW members in the SUV segment that were just presented: T-Roc compact SUV and the agile Tiguan Allspace seven-seater. Both machines are already available for order and are worth of checking out! T-Roc R-Line The first one, the T-Roc features Volkswagen’s 19-inch Suzuka alloys, wrapped by low-rolling resistance tires, sporty suspension, body-colored roof spoilers and revised front and rear bumpers, black steering wheel arch extensions and body-colored side skirts. Sweet. The inside featu

vw team showcases atlas tanoak concept at the new york show

VW team showcases Atlas Tanoak Concept at the New York Show

Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Concept was just revealed at the New York International Auto Show and showcases VW’s pickup, based on the MQB architecture. Geared with a massive power unit and offering tons of utility and technological features, the Tanoak surely has caught the eye of show’s audience. Named after species of tree that grows in Pacific Coast in US, Atlas Concept is one large vehicle: 214.1 inches long and 79.9 inches wide and 72.6 i

volkswagen team put 2019 touareg to the ultimate challenge!

Volkswagen team put 2019 Touareg to the ultimate challenge!

This is not a thing that you would see every day. A vehicle that has travelled tens of thousands miles in order to attend to its own world premiere? Piece of cake. Or, at least it is, for Volkswagen team. What has happened is that the latest Touareg was put to an ordeal – it has travelled from Bratislava to Beijing and as it seems has done it in such a way that astonished even sceptics. So, let’s find out more, shall we? For a total of thr

vw announces details for 2019 jetta: here's what should we expect

VW announces details for 2019 Jetta: here's what should we expect

Volkswagen presents 2019 Jetta: with further improved fuel consumption efficiency and refreshed looks, the new guy in the lineup would try to appeal as many customers as possible. How? By earning our trust with additional goodies, technologies and this vast interior space. Let’s check out more! Exterior design It is instantly recognizable as pure Jetta, but features some new stuff: new shutters in the front grille for better engine coolin

2018 touareg sketches and promises: what should we expect?

2018 Touareg sketches and promises: what should we expect?

Volkswagen team is one of the few others that mark a confident start of 2018. Already showcasing some neat projects, the brand also released authentic and official information about the newest Touareg machine. As you already know, this is the model that tries to become an emblem of the whole brand. It has stood its gro

2018 up! gti: beast in cute packaging. we like it!

2018 up! GTI: beast in cute packaging. We like it!

Finally, one of the most anticipated Volkswagen models, the up! GTI is available for order! The new 2018 vehicle builds up on the strengths of its predecessors and as we are about to find out, learns from past mistakes. The latest lineup of GTI lineage machines that includes up!, Polo and the award-winning Golf GTI rem

2019 jetta: would it manage to maintain popularity? a brief overview

2019 Jetta: would it manage to maintain popularity? A brief overview

Recently revealed, 2019 Jetta has still a lot to demonstrate and a lot to prove. Based on the award-winning MQB platform, the seventh-generation model is further refined and, as it seems, would mark an important step for Volkswagen Group. Because of the flexible MQB engineering wonder, the design team was able to shape the body in such a way that the vehicle now comes with longer wheelbase, wider tack and bigger wheels. Of course, this also me