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Lorinser retrofits the Mercedes E-Class Coupe

Renowned for its exclusiveness, the Mercedes-Benz automobiles tuner Sportservice Lorinser is ready to prove this once again with its latest project, the Lorinser E-Class Coupe (C207). Boasting even more dynamism and uniqueness, Lorinser’s new programme re-styles the stunning two-door car entirely. The front end of the newcomer is fitted with new radiator grill and stylishly re-engineered bumper with integrated LED daytime running lights combining enormous values of both elegance and athleticism. The new roof-

lorinser e-class - premium quality and traditions

Lorinser E-Class - premium quality and traditions

Sportservice Lorinser is a tuning company with long traditions in refining Mercedes-Benz vehicles and it was more than naturally to honour the new E-Class W212 premium limousine with its special treatment. The new Lorinser E-Class strikes with its completely re-designed and much more stylish vision. Right in the middle of the world-renowned limousine’s face, the Lorinser designers have mounted a black coated grill, which is thrillingly pushed into centre of attention by the front spoiler that has been stretche

Lorinser aero kit the face-lifted Mercedes M-Class

The premium tuner for Mercedes-Benz vehicles - Sportservice Lorinser is ready with a specially designed aerodynamic package for the new face-lifted M-Class. To improve the sporty character of the Mercedes SUV, the Lorinser designers used a special trick: due to the components which have been moved much lower and thorou

Lorinser SLS AMG Gullwing - aggressive or elegant

Lorinser designers are not wasting their time, dedicated to the highlite of the Frankfurt Motor show 2009 - Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gullwing, they have already rendered the first design studies. The first Lorinser SLS AMG Gullwing rendering is more racing orientated, it shows the aggressive coolness of the carbon fibre, which contrasts beautifully with the special red painted aluminium components. The Mercedes star from the middle of the grill is replaced by the Lorinser family crest from the 15th century. A furth

Lorinser sell tuned 450 SEL 6.9 W116

By 1975 the USA had long mothballed its moon vehicles, as with the Mercedes 450 SEL 6.9, W116 series the Germans unveiled a road rocket, whose thrust felt like it could easily rival a Saturn V. The constructors borrowed the engine from the basis of the powerful State limousine 600, which was equal to a Rolls-Royce in fame and luxury. From a gigantic 6,834 cubic centimetre capacity it wrung out 550Nm. At its time this was an absolute record for a car and in comparison still has enough, to achieve

lorinser lexus ls460 - the swabian samurai

Lorinser Lexus LS460 - The Swabian samurai

For the first time the designers, who normally make extravagant tailor-made clothing for Mercedes vehicles, ventured to work on an Asian. The Lexus LS460 is a dynamic vehicle - after all, this five-metre flagship has a floor area equivalent to six Tatami mats and thereby as much as an average Japanese room. Thanks to a refined aerodynamic package from Sportservice Lorinser, the elegant bodywork exudes confidence. The front apron with the spoiler gives the countenance elegant corners and edges and together with t

Lorinser LV8 for the Tuner Grand Prix

When the Tuner Grand Prix changes the Hockenheimring into a cauldron of smoking tyres on the 26th and 27th June, the premium tuners will again be bringing their fascinating cars to the field. Souped-up racing technology provides a special thrill, although it hampers everyday use. So are they just "big toys for big boys"? Not everyone wants to just "play", as the Lorinser LV8, which is based on the new C-Class, proves impressively. "It corresponds 100 percent to the licensing requirements for a r

mercedes-benz glk in a sportservice lorinser outfit

Mercedes-Benz GLK in a Sportservice Lorinser outfit

Off-roaders are only suitable for terrain; compact means sacrifice and sports cars only appeal to contortionists who have no spine: once prejudices were easier and the choice of the right car was therefore complicated. Who would have thought that the Mercedes GLK would one day turn all these clichés on their head and

Lorinser E-Class

Regarding the new E-Class, Sportservice Lorinser has two red-hot irons in the fire. Both are out to scorch the tarmac on their first "appearance" and to bring a twinkle to the eyes of the passengers. The newly-tuned type W212 E-Class Limousine has already been finished. For the first time in 13 years, Mercedes will again provide a Coupé alongside the series version as an elegant "running mate". As a matter of honour, the Lorinser designers have also "tossed up" a real blockbuster from the drawi