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Sportec Audi S4 Avant

An original Audi S4 Avant produces 333ps, but it seems that this much power is not enough for the tuners from SPORTEC. That is why they boosted up the engine to 425ps and 520Nm of torque. The result is 0-100km/h for 5.2 seconds. The top speed is electronically blocked at 250km/h. The upgrades are newly programmed engine control and the installation of a sports air filter. A special sports silencer with four end pipes - two pairs on either side right and left – provide a more sporty sound.

Sportec Audi TT RS Stage One performance upgrade!

Sportec didn’t miss the new Audi TT RS. They launched Stage One engine performance upgrade for the turbocharged five cylinder engine of the small sports car.  Seems like horse powers are never enough? If you think so, you should definitely try this upgrade for your TT RS. Just an ECU remap, but the results are more than satisfying. Originally, the Audi TT RS’s 2.5 litre TFSI engine produces 335bhp at 5400 rpm and 450Nm at 1600rpm. Stage One Performance upgrade boost up the beast to 400bhp at 5800rpm and

sportec golf sc 200

Sportec Golf SC 200

The word 'downsizing' resounds everywhere. Small volume engines with turbo charging and up-to-date technology promise favourable usage and exhaust values with reasonable performance. That less really can be more is emphasised by Sportec with its Sportec SC200 based on the VW Golf VI 1.4 TSI. The agile Golf is here turned into a real GTI killer that at the same time has the typically discreet Sportec external look. However, after its makeover the small Golf engine proves to be a crafty one. Fr

spr1 t80 - 858bhp porsche 997 based supercar

SPR1 T80 - 858bhp Porsche 997 based supercar

Swiss automotive tuner SPORTEC, famed for its ultra high performance SPR1 range of 997 based supercars, is proud to announce the latest addition to its range, the T80. Conceived, designed and constructed in Switzerland by SPORTEC’s technical team, the new version of the SPR1 offers unrivalled supercar performance and exclusivity. The T80 builds upon the performance of the SPR1 range by increasing the power of its bi-turbo, 3.6-litre, 24-valve, flat six T80M engine to a staggering 858 bhp, which, when combined

Official UK Debut for the Stunning 858 BHP Sportec SPR1

Automotive Performance Services (APS) Ltd, UK importer for the Sportec range of vehicle performance enhancements, is delighted to confirm the British debut of the SPR1 super car at the prestigious London based Salon Privé event. The stunning Sportec SPR1 has been carefully created to deliver a high performance driv

Sportec SP550mc - mean and clean

With a performance of more than 550hp, the SP 550mc goes out hunting in the territory of its fellow super cars. Thanks to Sportec’s sporty understatement, the 997 Turbo has become nothing less than a cheetah in a tailored suit – with significantly reduced CO2 emissions. In spite of the new CO2-reduced natural gas technology, the turbo performance could be considerably improved. Consequently, also the mean&clean version of the SP 550 delivers breathtaking performance and torque values.

Sportec SC 350

Like its predecessors, the new VW Scirocco is once again becoming an object of great fascination for car tuners. The most recent version is now presented by Swiss HighEnd Tuner Sportec: Among other things, the program consists of a performance optimisation, a sports suspension, elegant rims and other generally enhancing engineering components. For the 200hp and 2 litre gasoline engine, various performance optimisations are available – from 240hp to 350hp. In the top version, the maximum to