The latest version of Ford Focus RS is the hottest hatchback on the market. It stunned the whole automobile industry with the massive power transmitted only to the front wheels. The vehicle is power by L5 2.5 liter turbocharged petrol engine delivering whopping 300hp and 440Nm of torque.

As everybody knows, the FWD cars suffer from understeer a lot, especially when they are highly powered. Perfect example for highly powered understeering car is Opel Vectra OPC. However, to maintain all power coming from the turbocharged engine of Focus RS, the engineers developed high-tech , a Qualife Automatic Torque Biasing Helical Limited Slip Differential and others.

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The good news are that Ford Focus RS will be available in Australia. Ford will only offer 315 units of the vehicle, with the move adding exclusivity to the car's list of assets.

Ford Australia President & CEO Marin Burela comments: "Customers, the motoring press, Ford enthusiasts and hot hatch fans have all been constantly asking us about Focus RS and when it might be coming to Australia, so we're very pleased and incredibly excited to be able to confirm for everyone today that it's on its way and will be here soon,"

"The buzz and excitement surrounding Focus RS has spread rapidly around the globe since it was introduced in Europe early last year, winning a host of motoring awards and receiving widespread critical acclaim for its outstanding combination of high-performance road car technology and every day Focus practicality," he noted.

Ford Focus RS will be available in three exterior colors: Ultimate Green, Performance Blue and Frozen White. The car is priced at AU$59 990.

source: Autoevolution