2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint is an edition which is created with the aim to celebrate a key moment in Alfa Romeo's heritage. Precisely, it is the 60th anniversary of the launch of the original and first 1954 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint. This was a car that achieved great success, looked stunningly beautiful and was relatively affordable. Back then, the vehicle was a result of company's transition from a low-volume manufacturer to that of a successful "premium" car brand.

The new and the original Giulietta Sprint share many similar characteristics. For instance, the new version is also powered by an engine of less than 1,400cc in capacity. The difference here is that for the 2014 model year the unit was equipped with MultiAir valve management and an intercooled turbocharger.

These additions improve car's power output to more than twice that of the original Sprint's 1.3-litre twin-cam engine. To be more precise, the 1.4-litre TB MultiAir petrol engine generates 150 hp (110 kW) and 250 Nm (185 lb-ft) of torque.

The result is an acceleration time of 8.2 seconds for the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h. The top speed is positioned at 130 mph, while the fuel efficiency figures speak of 49.6 mpg (in the combined cycle). The CO2 emissions are estimated at just 131g/km.

To control these 150 hp, the 2014 Giulietta Sprint is equipped with 17-inch, five-hole design alloy wheels fitted with 225/45 R17 rubbers. As an anniversary edition, the car also gets some exclusive features. Such are the special badging on the front wings, sports rear bumper side skirts, sports rear diffuser with oversized exhaust trim and dark-tinted windows.

Inside, the designers added carbon-effect door panels and dashboard surround, new sports, leather-wrapped steering wheel with red stitching and new seats with cloth and Alcantara-upholstery, red stitching and "Sprint" logo embroidered into the headrests.

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint will be available in the first months of next year. For the United Kingdom it will have a starting price of £20,490.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.4 TP 150 HP S&S
ENGINE Layout, cylinders, capacity In-line transverse 4-cyl  1,368cc
Bore × stroke 72×84mm
Compression ratio 9.8:1
Max power 150hp @ 5,500 rpm
Peak torque 250Nm at 2,500 rpm
Timing system (control) Toothed belt, hydraulic tappets, MultiAir intake system
Supply MPFI turbo-charging, MultiAir direct valve control system, intercooler
Stop&Start Standard
Fuel tank 60 litres
TRANSMISSION Drive, Gearbox Front, Manual six-speed
WEIGHTS Kerb weight 1,290 kg
Max. towable braked/unbraked 500 / 1,300 kg
PERFORMANCE Top speed 130 mph
0-62 mph (1 person + 30 kg) 8.2 seconds
ECONOMY (1999/100/EC) Urban cycle MPG 37.2 MPG (7.6 L/100km)
Extra-urban cycle 61.4 MPG (4.6 L/100km)
Combined cycle 49.6 MPG (5.7 L/100km)
EMISSIONS CO2 (Certification) 131 g/km (Euro 6)

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