Alfa Romeo, the passionate Italian automaker has picked Uma Thurman as the star of its all-new advertising campaign aimed to reveal the multifaceted soul of the recently debuted Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Scheduled to hit the brand's dealerships at 22nd of May, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta brings to the table innovative suspension solutions, a dual pinion active steering, top-end quality and craftsmanship as well as remarkable levels of cabin comfort, dynamism and safety.

The international ad campaign is made by Leo Burnett and covers TV, press, posters, radio and web. It builds a parallel between Uma Thurman and the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, mirroring exclusively the features of the new compact ride and the personalities of the Kill Bill superstar. The substance of the new Giulietta is further confirmed by the pay-off which counterbalances the Shakespeare quote: "Without heart we are only machines".

Filmed in the US, the Giulietta's TV ad boasts a stunning sound impact played by Maestro Flavio Ibba. The spot will be aired in Italy starting on 16 May and is directed by Kevin Fitzgerald. In the commercial, Uma Thurman plays five roles, five different women who symbolize the different souls of the car.

Engineered especially for the European market, the new Alfa Giulietta renders a rich variety of customizable features including: two outfits (Progression and Distinctive); two customization packs (Pack Sport and Pack Premium); two different seat fabric upholsteries; leather upholstery (four colors are available); eight alloy rim designs (from 16- to 18-inch); nine body shades; four turbo units (Euro5 compliant and equipped with Start&Stop system).

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