2021-Audi-Q5-Sportsback-910The new Q5 Sportsback blends Audi's best features of the coupe and SUV segment. Along with the enhanced versatility of both worlds, the vehicle now also offers enhanced battery life and tons of new technologies. Let's have a look, shall we?

Drivetrain system

Just like its siblings, the new Q5 Sportsback comes with a blend of an electric motor with a 2.0 TFSI petrol engine that together delivers a total of 265hp and 370Nm of torque. This setup is then mated to a seven-speed S tronic gearbox, which delivers the output to a Quattro drivetrain.

As it comes to the battery itself, it is a lithium-ion unit placed just below the luggage compartment floor. It features 104 prismatic cells and can store 14.4kWh of energy with a voltage of 381 volts.

Additionally, the Q5 comes with a choice of four selectable driving modes:

These are the EV, which is the default setting and distributes the battery output optimally in order to keep the overall power consumption to a minimum.

Hybrid mode allows for a sweet balance between petrol aggressiveness and a hybrid economy.

Then there's the Charge mode, which increases the amount of energy consumption from the battery for a more dynamic ride.

In the Hold mode, battery capacity is held at current levels.


Along with this enhanced flexibility, the new Q5 is geared with a predictive efficiency assist (PEA) system which operates the parameters of coasting recuperation to suit any driving situation. It works by predicting the route data from the navigation and monitoring the distance to the vehicles ahead. When the adaptive cruise (ACC) is active, PEA supports the driver by braking and accelerating automatically to boost comfort in the cabin.

Interior updates

The five-seater now incorporates a new two-section dashboard and a third-generation modular infotainment system. There's also a 10.1-inch MMI monitor which offers full touch-screen functionality, as well as state-of-the-art natural voice recognition and control.

Exterior updates


To complement the connectivity technology, the Audi team geared the vehicle with LED lights that can further be upgraded with optional Matrix LED headlamps, a choice of exclusive alloy wheels and OLED rear lights with a black styling package. There's also a panoramic glass sunroof.