2020 Wheelsandmore  Audi R8 V10 Apocalypticar - Front Angle

Audi´s high-revving V10 engine is without question one of the most solid units on the market and combines sportiness with high suitability for everyday use. The all-wheel-drive model type 4S is currently flanked by the 620hp performance model. Wheelsandmore has been offering a powerful compressor upgrade called B3AST² with almost 800hp engine power since the model was introduced in 2015. In addition, the manufacturer offers minor upgrades using software optimization, also combined with a flap exhaust system from exhaust specialist Capristo. But the latest upgrade will let the hearts of tuning fans beat even faster. The 10-cylinder engine remains completely untouched, but receives a set of asymmetrically working turbochargers, which are supported by special tailored water- and charge air coolers. With the appropriate software for the engine control and the adapted transmission control, which transmits hte signals to a high-performance double clutch from Promax, switchable 1050hp at 1000nm of torque via a boost controller are good enough for a new top speed of 357 km/h. The acceleration values:0-100 km / h = 2.7s0-200 km / h = 6.3s100-200 km / h = 3.6s0-300 km / h = 14.2 s0-357 km / h = 20.3s With prices between 2,940 EURO and 66,387 EURO for the Stage IV 430hp upgrade, Wheelsandmore has the right tuning upgrade for the R8 V10 for every requirement and budget.

Optically the modified super sports car hardly gives any idea of ​​the performance it is capable of. The only visible but striking feature are the hand-made forged wheels of the type F.I.W.E., which fully fill the wheel arches in all directions coated in matt black. Wheelsandmore mounted the wheel 9.5x20 inches on the steering axle and covered it with 255/30/20 tires from Continental and on the other axle in the brutal size 12.0x21 inches with 325/25/21 tires.The prices for a wheel set customized in color and surface according to customer requirements are starting at 11,100 EURO.

The leader in suspension manufacturing KW also supplies all variants of its range for the successor of the Type 42. The manufacturer offers in addition to adjustable lowering springs, a coilover suspension that can be adjusted in compression and rebound and a hydraulically adjustable high-end solution, which can be lifted-up at the front axle to ensure 100% suitability for everyday use despite lowering the chassis. The prices, plus assembly and wheel alignment, range between 924 – 7,562 EURO excluding VAT.