The VW / Audi specialist B&B from Siegen / Germany completely reworked (reengineered) the current Audi A4 8K. The A4 3.0 TDI with its basic value of 240 hp now reaches in B&B power stage two an amount of 325 hp with a maximum of 640 Nm.

The power is obtained by a special turbo charger, optimized suction lanes, a new adaption of the engine electronics and a revision of the airflow. There are also two entrance stages possible, "comfort" with 280 hp / 585 Nm as well as "sport" 300 hp / 600 Nm. The entrance price starts at 1198,- EUR.

Two power stages for the A4 8K configured with the new common- rail engine (170 hp / 350 Nm) are also available. The first power stage elevates the engine power up to 200 hp and 400 Nm. The second power stage rises the engine's power up to 220 hp and 420 Nm.

The 2.0 TDI entrance engine of the A4 (120 hp / 290 Nm and 143 hp / 320 Nm) can also be optimized as well as the 1.8TFSI engines. The power is going up to a maximum of 250 hp and 350 Nm. The price starts ex EUR 998.

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Designed to improve stability by fast cornering and high motorway speed, B&B advices an special coilover (EUR 1198) which is available in two different versions, a comfort and a sport version. Both allow reductions in height by a maximum of 40mm. In combination with the new B12 wheels, an obvious higher corner stability and a sturdier driving behaviour can be reached. The tires have a maximum proper size of  9" x 20" with tires in 245/30-20 (EUR 3998).

A modified aerodynamic package (starts at EUR 1898) adjusts successfully the aesthetical appearance of the Audi A4, when desired with sport sound suppressor, to the risen requirements.