The German-based VAG group rides specialist B&B has released a styling/performance optimization program for the current Volkswagen Transporter. Aimed at customers who demand for "spacious" and more powerful ride, the all-new B&B Transporter T5 is offered with a choice of two output stages.

Benefiting from stage one, the light commercial vehicle gets modified with ECU remap and 0.2 bar boost pressure increase, which results in enhanced power rates - 210 horsepower and 450 Nm of peak torque. In stage two, the Transporter T5's 2.0-litres bi-charged TDi engine reaches the strong 225 horsepower and 480 Nm of maximum torque thanks to an ECU remap, air induction and airflow optimization, modified injectors as well as 0.25 bar boost pressure increase. For both performance stages, B&B offers a special oil cooler, which includes thermostat and ensures bigger volume, better flow and more cooling surface. A stainless steel sport exhaust unit is also featured in the package, it increases the power up to 5 horsepower and reduces pressure and temperature of the exhaust gas and optimizes the sound.

In addition to that, the German expert also offers a sport spring kit, which lowers the ride height by 40mm and reducing roll significantly. A specially for the VW T5 Facelift developed, height, train and rebound adjustable, coil-over suspension, which increases the potential cornering speeds significantly, is also available.

For the delay corresponding the increased performance B&B provides a special 4- or 6-piston high performance brake system, which gives the VW T5 driver more self-confidence and safety feeling. Exclusive design alloys in 18-, 19- or 20-inch round-up the outside of the VW bus.

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