There are cars being sold every day, with thousands of people buying a car every day. This means that almost every type of vehicle is on the market at any given time. Different people are seeking cars for various needs. It may be for fuel efficiency, work vehicles, vehicles that can carry a large number of passengers, for safety concerns, or for power. No matter what type of car someone might be looking for, there are particular models that are always selling hotter than others. Usually, these vehicles are highly versatile to suit many different types of people and needs. Below are the ones which were the hottest as far as February 2012 was concerned and topped the charts.

Ford F-Series

Many of the top selling cars are generally the average sized cars or sedans- however, the Ford F-Series is high on the list. These vehicles are a line of full sized pickup trucks, which can be used for many different objectives. All are capable of work related hauling or loading, while many are fairly efficient on fuel. They can also come with full sized cabs, some of which can seat up to six people. These full sized trucks are very spacious, and are also able to go off road. The high versatility of these vehicles makes them incredibly popular. Over 47,000 were sold in the last year.

Toyota Camry

This model has been popular for several years, and really made a mark for the 2012 line up of new models. It is no wonder that this model has sold over 34,000 units. The Camry is a classical family car, and is highly dependable. It is also a great choice for fuel economy. This car has continued to sell in strong numbers for years, and will probably continue to do so for many years to come.

Nissan Altima

Although this model of car does not exactly rival the quality or performance of many other vehicles, it has still managed to make a high number of sales for the 2012 models. Almost 33,000 of these cars were sold, and it is probably associated with its price. The Altima is quite a popular car, and is rather quite cheap compared to the other popular vehicles. It does have many great features, but it may not provide all of the fuel economy features or power that other cars can provide.

Chevrolet Silverado

This is another popular pickup truck, but did not claim the top position in relation to sales for Ford. This model sold just over 32,000 for the 2012 year. Chevrolet plans to take the top spot when it comes to the 2013 line of Chevy Silverados.

Honda Civic

This car is incredibly popular, mostly due to its fuel economy, long lasting engine, and dependability. For years it has continued to provide buyers with contentment in their purchase. Honda only managed to sell just over 27,000 of these cars, but they are still high in popularity.

In conclusion, these models are some of the top selling vehicles in the country. If I wanted to sell my car, I would probably opt for one of these models. The numbers do not lie, and if these particular vehicles are so incredibly popular, the manufacturers must be doing something right! This is a guest post by Raj. Wondering how to sell your car online?