Brabus have been known to the world as a company that produces mad, torque bursting Daimler cars (Mercedes-Benz cars mostly). But they also have 10 years of experience with the Smart label and this year at the Geneva Motor Show, the public will be presented with the Brabus Smart Fortwo electric drive and the Brabus Smart ebike – ideas for future sports mobility.

"Like all smart Brabus vehicles these two new models follow our philosophy of more style, more power and more exclusiveness", says Bodo Buschmann, CEO of the Bottrop customiser Brabus. "In addition to classic Brabus customers they also appeal to smart electric drive customers who attach importance to environmental friendliness and also want even more sportiness and exclusiveness. Or to put it another way: we give the sporty soul a green heart."

With the Brabus Fortwo electric drive, the company has further improved on its principles - maximum driving fun, now with zero emissions. The electric motor in the Brabus product is based on the standard forwto unit but with 60 kW of power it takes the lead among conventional Smarts. Torque is also up to 135 Nm and constantly available as expected from an EV. The ride has been lowered thanks to a Brabus suspension and with the addition of Brabus "Monoblock VII" alloy wheels measuring 16" at the front and 17" the sporty feel is almost complete. The thing that could have been left behind is the sound module – a device that produces fake engine noises is as useful as a smartphone Zippo application.

Other than that the exterior and interior is very pleasant. Those green and black motives on the finish and the trimmings make the Fortwo look like a training shoe... or an energy drink can. Dark Brabus headlamps add a dash of aggression while Brabus Xclusive aerodynamic body styling parts (a front spoiler and a special rear apron insert with double reflectors) complete the outside look. Inside, leather covers the seats and instrument and door panels. The dashboard and the hand-brake handle are custom made by Brabus (and so is the clock). A sports stearing wheel and gear lever leave the cockpit distinctive and compleate.

Brabus Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

The Smart Brabus ebike also ticks out all the Brabus essentials for a successful project - more style, more power and more exclusiveness. An overall black frame with green leather handles and a green seat leaves the impression that the Fortwo and the ebike are related. Also in contrasting green are the pedals and the various nuts and bolts scattered all over the bike. A four-piston calliper is fixed upon the the front wheel disk while the wheels themselves have a unique four-spoke design made from carbon fiber. Other ways to tell that this isn't your everyday Smart ebike is by looking at the Sport Contact tyres, weight-optimised cranks and pedals and the carbon seatpost.

With 500 watts the electric motor is twice as powerful as that on the Smart ebike. Because of all the carbon fiber components, the ebike is also 10 percent lighter. The assistance from the motor is regulated by four level with the forth one being the highest. Ultimately the ebike is capable of speeds of up to 45 km/h – a road legal bike!

Brabus Smart ebike

Brabus Smart Fortwo ED and ebike (2012) - picture 1 of 6
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